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Why should you avoid online data entry scams?

 Alert Citizen of India on Jun 11, 2020
To All data Entry Job Seeks *** VERY VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE TO SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY *** 99% online typing jobs are frauds and scam to loot money in the name of registration fees which they claim to be refundable but they have 1001 excuses not to refund. The business of online data entry flourished in COVID19 nation wide lock down, where offices are closed and no salary is paid. Always remember, you are here to earn money not to pay money to get a job. Its quite logical you see. Remember this thumb rule in any sector: If you are asked money to get a job its a scam. These data entry companies will design their website so beautifully that anybody will fall a prey. They even give positive feedback about their own company by creating fake names and email id posing as data entry operators who have availed their services and they are earning heavy amounts. They will make you to sign an agreement (MOU) which contains clauses which is for their benefit only and not you. They will give you targets which is impossible to complete and that's how they eat your registration fees. Till you sign up and pay they will be very polite gentle and will followup in a pleasing manner. Once you pay, they change their color. Don't believe me then pay and see it for your self. In their website they will never mention their official address or genuine address. Even if they mention it will be a far remote village address where the population is thin and communication is minimal. ISO certificates are easily downloadable from website and the contents can be easily be changed by Photoshop editor. They will make fake content look real. Most MSME certificates will have vital information hidden. Are you going to take pain to go and cross verify such certificates? Never, and that's why their easy target are housewife and students who are not matured enough to understand such scams. If you don’t believe me then do the following: Open Google, type the name of the data entry company then write review. e.g You will see multiple links full of consumer complains who paid money and never got it back. ALWAYS REMEMBER EARNING MONEY IS NOT EASY, HENCE THE SCAMS Please do not pay and suffer later. Cheers!! Regards Alert Citizen Of India
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