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VLCC's tagline "Perfect from every angle"

 Chinuuuuu on Mar 21, 2019
Hello !So one fine day I was passing through a VLCC store their tagline got my attention which read "Perfect from every angle".So my question is why do you want us to be perfect from every angle? In this 21st century and this so called "modern"society I have never read any tagline for men to be perfect so why only we are expected ? I understand fitness is important but you don't want us to be perfect to save us from lifestyle disorders but just be attractive for some random people.Beauty means to be intelligent,beauty means to be confident and accepting yourself the way you are.Its good to be fit but calling it perfect like a wax model not fair !You change for your betterment and not to just look perfect .You mean the people who are not fit don't they have right to live in this society.I want to be fit but more of mentally too.Everyone here are not signing up for pageants so just let us be us the way we are and please stop making us all look alike perfect ladies. :) It would be so boring right if we all look same like Victoria's secret angles ;)
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