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vacancies abroad group- is this a scam??

 Aireen Lim on May 26, 2010
i was applying for work in abroad, then i got this in the internet. i dont know if this one is just a fraud/scam, their company. i hear from others that they use the internet to brainwash those people whose only wish is to find work from other places. This is not the only letter i got from them. They told me that i had an employer already but they cant tell me which company i will be working with, only i have to process some of the documents needed, specially the registration number to be taken in the state work force office but i have to pay 30 pounds for the service they offered (Translation Service).some websites are: [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected] This is another of their letter telling that they are just waiting for my papers. Please help me check if they are not one of those group cheating other people. Dear Applicant, Upon recent review of your case we established that you have not yet prepared the application set requirement, however your employer still expects it. We need to clarify that the employer selected you and got interested to accept your application set after reviewing many applications of applicants from your country. You were selected amongst all to proceed ahead, prepare the requirements and send them to the employer for potential work permit processing. We would like to get clear statement from your end as to what we shall tell to your employer, because your application is very successful so far. However, let us point out that the employer insists on receiving the exact set of requirements containing CV European format, work permit form, motivation letter and personal registration number. The employer also insists that your application set it prepared by a European company as to avoid problems in the state offices We would like to make several points in that regard: 1/ if you do not prepare this application set your application will stop right at this point 2/ we would like to receive feedback from you clearly stating your intentions towards this application in other words if you plan to proceed with this application or not? If you want to discuss your job transfer with us through live chat, always use the following yahoo messenger id: EUDirect1 Please contact us, this is very important! Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions. yours sincerely: Vacancies Abroad Group
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vacancies abroad is this true or scam? I recieved similar statement..
vacancies abroad is this true or scam? I received lots of statement...
To me it can be definitely proven only if I depart to work abroad through them. And I plan to follow their guidance till the end, I have statements from successful applicants as you also and I believe they can help. Maybe they can help to 1 person out of 5, and let this one be me and the other 4 whine about it, I do not care as long as I am there to work.
do you know those successful applicants? do you have contact with them? i want to know if this is really true or just a another scam because im about to pay the processing fee which is 32 euro..
Hey birdy, you cannot expect all applicants always to be successful. There is some success rate is what our fluffy guy is trying to say. I am applying with them at the moment and I expect my results from the employer already and

even if I am not successful I would never renounce them in the most mean manner. I think they will help me by all means. And if I am successful I will definitely brag about it all over.

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