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"UK Honda Annul lottery Winning"

 Jumoliddin Sirojiddin on Apr 9, 2012
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Jamoliddin Sirojiddin. I am from Tajikistan. I have received an e-mail message from "Honda Autom.comp" from UK that my e-mail had won a prize € of ....mln. I surely didn,t beleive that freud. How can an e-mail win a prize? The question is why the swindlers and knaves use you logo (Honda)? When I ansered that I didn't trust them, they sent me "a Letter of Trust". Unfortunately I can't send a copy of that letter to you on this site. I have seen a few messages below which are alike to mine. I would be thankful getting an anwser. Regards.
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We are intrest in uk honda to enjoy the contes to win a pries
We enjoy to play a lotter and play and intest to give a queation

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