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 Smart on Apr 24, 2010
Is Tele Mall Anahai Bamboo is effective . Is Anybody tried ? if then please let me know it really effective or whatever shown on TV is fake . Please Reply
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no its wastage of money.I m getting more pimples by using it..will spoil your skin
it is good it is suiting me and no pimples
it is hope less dont waste ur money... it will make ur skin very dry and patchy
is it making anybody fair as it claims?
im not sure abt bamboo Anahai but there is a cream which gaurantees fair skin... if ur interested mail me... it definitely clears all ur marks and gives u a fair and clear skin... im using it from past 3 years and it has done wonders to my skin my skin is at its best... i love it
u can mail me on...
hey cld sum1 plz teme a cream dat would help me get rid off tan n let me hv my fair skin...
The product is totally a SHAM:

*** Quantity : Good for one week treatment, however, I guess the whole kit is meant to last longer than that. . . . It’s the claims in the infomercial that’re misleading “get results in 7 days”!!!

**** Smell: Delicious. . . tempting. . . soooooo edible, but starts wearing off about 20 mins post application on the skin.

* Value for Money : If there was a half star on my keyboard, I’d have given it!!! Ladies, please invest this money in a spa treatment. . . That’s a lot worth it!!! Or you can also buy a local fairness product that’s equally / more effective than Anahai!!! Atleast you can buy 6 month’s stock with this kind of money!

* End Result: No visible change in skin color (I’m Dusky-wheatish skinned). Change in skin tone hardly noticeable (minimal evening out of the skin). Pores refined (only with the peel-off mask). . . No pore reduction. The product is not effective at all on areas like dark circle, dark knees and elbows, dark spots/freckles.

Do I recommend this product?: Absolutely not!!!

WHY??????? Read on. . . . .

ESSENCE #1: The directions of application are sooooooo wrong. It says on the bottle "Apply appropriate amount to the hand or bath cotton; gently wipe the whole body; then bathe with clean water after 10 mins". . . So I did that!!! And guess what my skin burnt literally!!! Essence#1 is nothing more than a strong facewash/bodywash!. . . So strong that it'll burn your skin. I wouldn't recommend its neat application on the skin. . . C'mon temme, would you rub in a thick layer of your regular/strong face wash and leave it for 10 mins before you wash it off??????? You're callin for nothin but a chemical disaster!!! The skin on your body may take it, but your face!!!????????? . . . THINK ABOUT IT...

Also what I realised was that Essence#1 is a clear gel with black beeds, whereas in the infomercial, the same product is whitish-white!!!

ESSENCE #2: THINK OF A BOTTLE OF WHITE POSTER COLOR. . . Yes ladies and gentlemen, thats what it is. . . Even though the product instructions recommend massaging it into the skin, I DONT! Because as it dries up, it forms tiny lumps, the area of application is patchy and blochy. . . The lotion totally dries up leaving a chalky white layer on your skin (and your clothes)!!! Imagine yourself as one of those Japanese stage performers who paint their faces white!!!

Forget dark, dusky or wheatish skin. . . Essence#2 is not even for Caucasian skin, as the product does not get absorbed into the skin, does not blend well. . . This is an equivalent to a day cream in any beauty kit, but one definitely cant step out of the house wearing this. . . Its just WHITE!!!

How effective is ESSENCE#2?. . . We'll you have nothing to lose (but money) even if you don't wear it. . . Hardly visible difference to my skin tone / dark spots even after using it for 5 days!!!. . .

CHARCOAL FACE MASK : The peel off mask is very gentle; Does not irritate the skin. The best part is that it peels off very gently and easily without hurting or yanking your skin too much (I have tiny/fine facial hair, so you know what I’m talking about girls!). . .

As far as the claims of minimizing pores go, no difference!!! I have a combination skin with large pores. I used the mask twice in the first week (as recommended) but did not work.

CHARCOAL WHITENING ESSENCE: Equivalent to night cream in a regular skincare kit. . . . but WAR PAINT IN PEACE-LAND again ladies!!! And this one’s blendability and absorption is worse than Essence #2! You go to sleep with this one on, and you’re white as a ghost; finalleeeeeeeee you wake up with “CERAMIC SKIN” (as they claim) ha ha ha ha ha. . . (Probably because the oil that your skin secretes over-night, blends with this cream and gives that translucent look!!!)

Wash your face in the morning and you’re back to looking like when you were 1999 +150 rupees richer!!! Ha ha ha ha ha (only you’re not!!!)

Overall the product is totally a waste of time and money and does not show visible results as claimed in the infomercials.
i was planning to purchase "Anahai Bamboo" but after reading all these comments, i've just changed my mind.
however this product works for some n dont work for others, how is that possiable.
i have changeed my mind thank u gugs 4 ur coment
i was also planning to purchase this product. but after reading all these comments i have just changed my mind .plz suggest me good product fairness
My thinking is to that no 1 can give u the best idea about "Anahai Bamboo " Becox no 1 wantx that some 1 is Looking fair thn me...N i think i am Right...

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