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start railway on line booking centre

 preeti pal on Jun 19, 2010
I want to know how to start a small buisness of online railway booking and which person or department can help me to give a right of railway agency and give me fuul details about it
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Although there are 536 complaints available on IRCTC in this forum, has any action taken on it to rectify the problem. I am fed up booking any Tatkal tickets in IRCTC. I have never booked any Tatkal ticket, The IRCTC people are deliberately blocking the site exactly at 8 AM every morning. It is very clear that noone including agents can not able to access the site. Why is this? Anyway, I really wanted to get use of the Consumer Complaints Forums, If this forum is just for reflecting our thoughts, then there is no use. Please some one let me know, will any action taken on not?
If train is late running 11 hour, How can i refund my full amount when i buy the ticket in tatkal quota from railway reservation window

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