Questions › sir I have recieved a email and I want to no if its a scam

sir I have recieved a email and I want to no if its a scam

 Sylwia Antczak on Feb 9, 2014
Greetings to you and your family as I know you must have least expected this to happen to you at this time of the year.   My name is Tom Crist,  the fortunate  winner of  the $40 million Lotto Max on May 3rd 2013 and I lost my wife Jan  two  years ago February to cancer disease. She has supported me in my company and she been the major strength in my weakness in running my company as we have been unfortunate enough to have gotten all we needed . I loved my wife so much and her death cost me fortune of my joy. We have been married for 33years and later this year would have been the 34th year of our marriage. I miss her in my world allot and I pray she is resting where so ever she is now. I have decided to give away all to charity and cancer patients’ rehabilitation center until the scheme adviser made a suggestion of reaching out  to the needy from part of the funds as that would have been what my late wife would have also  loved if she lived to see this day.  We have decided to donate the sum of 2,000,000.00USD (Two Million United States Dollars) to you as one of the four lucky individuals. We  prayed and searched over the Internet for someone to donate this sum  to in your country and we saw your profile on Google list of email owners and we picked you randomly.  It is  something that has been difficult for us to handle but we bless God whom has been giving us the courage to move on. You can sight all over the internet or closer look at the our city daily's below : Please we kindly require the below information from you:  FULL NAMES for payment  CONTACT ADDRESS We asked for this brief information just to know who we are donating this money to and because of the Identity theft going around the internet which I have been a victim. We do not want to ask you for your ID or other personal information as we do not want to leave an impression in your mind that we want to steal your identity. We will employ you to do what you can to promote the campaign of cancer awareness in your local vicinity and improve the standard of living for the needy individuals because that is the objective of donating this money to you in the first place. We anticipate to read from you soon. God bless you, Your beloved Tom Christ
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