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Shade in open balcony

 babu012 on Aug 24, 2015
Details: hi, I have put a plastic roof in my balcony. I had took a permission letter for this which the society agreed. But the owner of the flat above me has a problem with the height of my roof. My roof is within the height of the ceiling of my flat. She complained to the society about this after we refused to reduce the height. After this a society meeting was called in which all members told us to reduce the height by 6 inches. We had no option but to agree with what the members said so we reduced the height. But again the above flatowner is complaining that we have not reduced the height upto the mark shown by the members. I have reduced the height by 6 inches but not upto the mark shown by the members. The 6 inches mark shown by them was wrong as they had taken the measurement not from the roof but from the pipe supporting the roof in the meeting due to which the height was lowered by further 2-3 inches. Now the secretary claims that you have not listened to society's instuctions n therfore the above flatowner has told us that she would be going to a lawyer. What should i do now. Plz help. Let me know if i was wrong anywhwere. N is deploying a roof in an open balcony illegal. If legal what is the height and width upto which we build it.
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