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Rs 500/- Note

 Amresh Singh123 on Oct 25, 2010
The RTO -Ahmedabad Cashier Mr.G K.Mahida , window no 12 ,hardly accepts Rs 500 note.He makes people run to pay in multiples of Rs 100/- only. The reason is not due to lack of change but he feels that it may be duplicate. Can a Govt. Servant return Rs 500 INR like this ? Isnt his responsiility to check ? What should be done in such cases as he at times throws the 500 INR not back to us ?Isnt it dishonour of INR ?
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Since currency note is a promissory note it can not be returned by any government servant, Unless it is not proved that the currency is fake. But still once the fake currency is found it is not returned to the one who is owning it, and you was the one who suffer for losing money as well as you will be a part of police investigation. so i think paying in 100 R.S is a better option

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