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 international society of lawyers on Jun 9, 2017
i am a lawyer but i have a silly client she want all the details remove pl help and remove everything i will re post it with out any perticular names first his anticipatatory bail was rejected now there is a warrant against him i will post it after i see this complete post removed Sirs I am an advocate my name is Anil Bajaj i provide help to people in the name of ISCON INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF LAWYERS AGAINST CORRUPTION AND FOR JUDICIAL REFORMS LEGAL PROTECTION FOR YOUR BUSINESS •Criminal •Civil •Labour •Contracts •DebtCollection my contact details are Bangalore [protected] roaming / [protected] bangalore [protected] whats app INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF LAWYERS 758/2 Neel Kiran Building SV Road Mumbai 400052 [protected] i do this because i get to be a part of justice being done and get thrilled doing it i client by the name Ms . [removed] … … … … … … … … Complainant FEMAIL Age 40 years Indian citizen [address removed]. APPROACHED ME to file a case against V/s Mr. Balakrishnan Manikandan Owner abdul kabir R/o C 1101 Ajmera Infinity Karuna Nagar, Electronics City Phase 1, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100 [protected] service gate /so135/association184/66157635 Bangalore Proprietor Of Sri Sastha Online Trading) … … … … … … … … Accused No 1 Ms Saranya Manikandan … … … … … … … … Accused No 2 Daughter Of Mr. Bala Manikandan Regus Business Centre, Office No 231, 2nd Floor, Above IBS Hotel, Hosur Road, Bommanhally Banglore-560068 & Office No 201, Times Square, Regus Officer Centre, Bwing, 2nd Floor, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai- 400059. as she is from mumbai it was convenient for her to go to the police a mumbai who came to bangalore but could not do much now she is on the way to bangalore can any of you help her to find out where this person and his daughter are we can all get together to see that person like Mr. Balakrishnan Manikandan and daughter Ms Saranya Manikandan tenants Owner abdul kabir R/o C 1101 Ajmera Infinity Karuna Nagar, Electronics City Phase 1, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100[protected] service gate /so135/association184/66157635 Proprietor Of Sri Sastha Online Trading) Regus Business Centre, Office No 231, 1st & 2nd Floor, IBIS Hotel, 26/1 Hosur Road, Bommanahalli, Bangalore, 560068 100 metres from Mahindra Tech Company next to The Oxford College, 15 km from Bangalore City Railway Station AMR tech park, Avaya Inc, HCL are nearby [protected] The Applicant above named states and submits as under: The address of the Complainant / applicant for all future communications as required is as above Facts Of The Case: 1) Paid 23 lacs : I had seen the advertisement of Mr Bala Manikandan in the Times Of India Mumbai dated 09.05.2015 where in he promised fixed returns of & 7% pm, which he increased to 8% if I invested Rs 3, 00, 000 lacs and above hence I invested Rs 3, 00, 000 between May 9th To May 15th. He issued me a notarized agreement where in he mentioned that I can withdraw my funds any time by giving 14 days notice . For the period May 15th to June 19th he paid me interest of Rs 13, 300 at the agreed rates by online banking to my ICICI account. Pay out for the month ended as on July 19th which was aug 20th 20.07.2015 to 19.08.2015 he paid me Rs1, 00, 000/- (Rupees One Lacs ) & Rs 50, 000 (Rs Fifty Thousand Only ) on 15.09.2015 From June he increased the fixed returns percentage to 10% He also introduced special schemes wherein he would double the investment in 50, 70 & 100 days and during the period June to Aug 12th I invested an additional Rs 20, 00, 000/. Thus my total investment was Rs 23, 00, 000/- (Rupees Twenty Three Lacs ) in Sri Sastha Online Trading during the period 11.05.2015 To 13.August.2015. 2) Cheque bounce and lies: The total Interest payable of is Rs 2, 90, 000 (Rupees Two Lacs Ninety Thousand Only) for the period 20.07.2015 to 19.08.2015. On Aug 22nd & informed me over the phone in the evening that he has made only part payment as his servers are down & will pay the balance by Aug 24th. On Aug 29th he sent me a message that he is busy with his accountant as he had an IT raid and will call me as soon as he gets free and that he has made provisions for my balance interest which will be trf to my account any time. He issued me a cheque of Rs 3 lacs only on dated 28 nov 2015 which bounce & when I represented the same in feb 2016 after sending him a whatsapp message that I will be depositing the same he did not tell me not to redeposit the same but requested his bankers to stop payment of the same. A copy of the cheque and deposit slip are attached herewith. A notice u/s 138 sent by advocate was not received by him he had changed his office address and did not inform me about his new address. Mr. Bala & his daughter are currently absconding and their cells have been switched off from Around Sept 2016. 3) He promised to pay the balance amount by 24.08.2015 as he said that he had some problem with his servers. However he did not pay the balance amount by 24.08.2015 and stopped answering my calls and used to reply only by messages and whatsapp. Since he did not keep his word and pay my balance returns he promised as per his mails I sent him an sms on 05.05.2015 & mail on 08.09.2015 asking for complete withdrawal of my principal & Interest till date. He agreed to refund the same in fourteen working days. But he did not do so. And he used to message me regularly that he transfer the amount to my account & give dates but never kept his word. I am attaching herewith a print out of the whatsapp messages & sms messages exchanged between Mr. Bala & me 4) He did not send me any agreement for the balance amounts and when ever I asked him for the same he always said that he was out and would send the same when he goes to office, later he said that he was planning a trip to Mumbai & would personally had over the agreements to me. 5) Parents : The major part of the funds belong to my parents who are senior citizens & heart patient and are not keeping well. My Father is a very senior citizen aged 86 and is also suffering from kindney problems. My Mother is 75 years & is a cancer patient. I had informed Mr. Bala that my parent are senior citizens and not keeping well and I am Investing this amount to take care of their sickness. I told him I urgently need funds for my father’s treatment. He told me not to worry and that he will transferf the fund to my ICICI bank account. 1. Police complaint: I was fed up and tired with his lies and approached the Bandra Police in the second week of Oct 2015 who later on trf my case to the Khar Police station as my jurisdiction was Khar. The khar police sent him notices & summons but they did not receive any reply to the notices & summons of the Khar Police. & The Khar Police froze his accounts in which I had deposited the fund to his Proprietory firm Sri Sastha Online Trading & personal account as per the details he had provided. Finally an FIR was filed by the Khar police on 19.03.2016. The Khar Police went to Bangalore in May 2015 but the accused had vacated his rented Flat & The police were unable to trace him. He then applied for AB in CITY CIVIL AND SESSIONS COURT MUMBAI ABA 100926/2016 CNR NO : MHCC[protected] at Kala Ghodha. His anticipatory bail application dt[protected] was rejected on 30th July 2016 By Justice R.G.Wankhade (Additional Sessions Judge) There is a the possibility of the applicant to flee from justice; as done by “Here it is pertinent to bring to the Notice of this Hon’ble court that Mr Vijay Mallya is sitting and enjoying TIPL 9 final with son Siddharth he says “ Here we are, watching together from London” and is enjoying Sahara Force India, the F1 team he leads and co-owns, compete in the country's second ever grand prix last month, in London, Vijay Mallya (R), is co-owner of the Force India Formula One team, and Sahara Group Chairman Subrata Roy while cases against him are piling up from several agencies and parties, all in a bid to recover their dues from the loans given to Mr Vijay Mallya the once high-flying Kingfisher Airlines and United Breweries.” Multi-crore fake stamp paper Abdul Karim Telgi was made to take the lie detector test Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) at the forensic laboratory in Bangalore. The tests were conducted under magisterial custody. A special court here sentenced Telgi to 10 30 years' rigorous imprisonment (RI) and a fine of Rs. 9 lakh. 6) Prayer It is most respectfully prayed that the accused persons be severely dealt with exemplary imprisonment and fines so that an example have been set to others to deter other from committing crimes as provided under the law for the aforesaid crimes committed under section 415, 420, 195, 193, 192, 34, 35 and 120B of I therefore request the Honorable Court to pass an order to the respective Banks to transfer the balance amount in the account of Mr. Bala Manikandan & his Firm Sri Sastha Online Trading to my Account in ICICI Bank Prabhadevi Branch.The details of my Bank Account are as under To direct Mr. Bala to pay me my entire principal of Rs 23, 00, 000 plus interest till the date of payment as the funds are of my senior aged parents who are not keeping well and my bal has also caused a lot of financial and mental stress to me and my family by blocking my principal of Rs23, 00, 000 and not replying properly. Or any other suitably orders the Hon’ble Judge may deem fit in the interest of justice and equity. Place: Mumbai Date: July 14, 2016 Applicant Glynis M Sequeira Sirs
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