Questions › Pls let me know it its fake email or it is true

Pls let me know it its fake email or it is true

 Chinna on May 3, 2010
I am in receipt of email saying that i have won price award of 1 Million USD from The Local Organizing Committee of the 2010 World cup in South Africa & FIFA Promotion team Asking to claim as per below procedure & funish below detals HOW TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE To begin your claims kindly contact our Affiliated Barclays Bank Plc at this email address below and also call Tel:+[protected].
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i think most r scam and when u call them they r asking you to deposit some money for internation transfers.dont believe them and forgot.
I get around 10 to 15 email like this every day in either in spam or in Inbox. They are all fraud. Once you try to contact them they ask you to submit the registration or some other fee. So, be carefull and do not give'em a single penny.
I am Narendra Devkota from Nepal. I have told that I won the sum of 1 Million GBP from the nokia promotion award in the month of November 2009. I paid around 5000 GBP to the Chief Diplomat Jeff Luwis as his direction in New Delhi, India. But now, he is out of contact and he did not answer my email. Please conform that whether I won the prize or not.
Narendra Devkota
Kathmandu, Nepal
This is to inform you that you must have received any mail from yahoo.msn lottery which is states that, you have awarded some of the huge money in dollars and to claim that, you may need to pay the parcel charges or insurance charges or solicitary charges via western union money transfer. Dont belive on these people this are all bogus they are not going to send single paisa to you. if you want more information the same you can shoot a mail to my mail id. [protected]

This mail are fake they use to send spam mail to fool the people and gain some moeny from it dont believe on that, dont lose your hard earned money.

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