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online lic premium payment

 kishen on Jun 10, 2010
Hello, My wife is lic policy holder under policy no;141926134. her yearly premium of Rs8623/= falls on 28th May. Now i her husband wants to deposite the same amount online through netbanking, in this regard, am i admissible to deposite her premium online, if so please let me know how to proceed. ...
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Qurry regarding Pandayan Seven Seas manpower recruitment legalityit

 chintanmehta on Jun 10, 2010
can u pls give me the infomation regarding Pandayan Seven Seas manpower recruitment. i get nagetive infomation regarding this compney i want to know that this compney legal or fraud one?right now i m trusted in this compney but i want sepcification of it lagality....
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INT corporate (P)LTD

 cegon.prak.ashj on Jun 10, 2010
I have joined and completed my training in INT CORPORATE LTD. I am about to start my project soon. It seems no problem with the company...
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 cegon.prak.ashj on Jun 10, 2010
I am selected in INT CORPORATE. I have finished my training and I am about to start my development work. It seems no problem with the company Name : Sunil Agarwal Gurjar...
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ICICI salary account

 Manisha Palav on Jun 10, 2010
We wish to open our employees salary account in ICICI Bank. But our company had current account with HDFC Bank than we can open our employees salary account in ICICI Bank. please suggest me....
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 investor135 on Jun 9, 2010
Hi, Any one subscribed to EquityPandit.COM ? If so please let us know about their services/ recomendations etc?? Their EP-Investor past performance is shoiwng very good. Please let us know for its genuienness. Your suggestions/ inputs are appreciated. Regards, Investor....
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passport notification

 subhash Babu on Jun 9, 2010
my passport police report is incomplete what will i do...
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 tollymou on Jun 9, 2010
 Read Answers Lottery and Sweepstake Emails

Wrong City name

 syedanwar on Jun 9, 2010
I lost my cell in Hyderabad but by mistake i have written Muradabad.Please read Muradabd as Hyderabad...
 Read Answers Mobile Handsets

Investment in unipay2u how secured.

 kalyan kumar on Jun 9, 2010
Dear sir, I have invested some of my money towards gold purchase with unipay2u at Bangalore which a international trade company .But after investment is made by satisfying me by all corners by the prospectus of the company, my friends are fingering me by saying it as a bad investment.Please...
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permission for installing air conditioner

 good boy on Jun 9, 2010
Is it mandatory to pay C.E.S.C for installing domestic air conditioners...
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 visweswaran28 on Jun 9, 2010
Hi, I have account in Indian bank. unfortunately I lost my atm card just before. Right now I am in out station. I dont know card details(number & other) How can I know that card number. Can u give idea...
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mobile tower installation

 SUNNY9 on Jun 9, 2010
sir, i want to install a mobile tower in my plot at Amritsar.please tell me what is the prosessor for it....
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hitachi beep sound

 murali1968 on Jun 9, 2010
I have a hitachi split ac. while changing the modes of the AC with remote we have noticed a long beep from the AC and the Remote became in-active. At this movement we have switched off the Power supply. From the day onwards we are having the impression the AC is not giving the appropriate...
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How & Why they will create this and all fraud mails ?

 sai_srinivas41 on Jun 9, 2010
How they would know our emails ? how dare to send a fraud email ? From which place they are monitoring ? Plz, tell me if any body knows....
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Is it true or fake

 Nomusa on Jun 9, 2010
Sir i received a mail from the following address."Microsoft Award Team London"<>MRS. ELIZABETH VENTER TEL: 0044 792 406 5434 said that:This is to confirm receipt of your mail, your Email ID has won One Million Great Britain Pounds (£1,000,000.00) in...
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its ture or fake

 priyanshi gupta on Jun 9, 2010
sir i received a mail from the following address.kindly tell me if its true or not Bank Name: CITI BANK PLC Tel: +44 703 597 0591 Email : Your winning funds of £750,000.00 British Pounds from the Toyota Company has been confirm and deposited with the...
 Read Answers Lottery and Sweepstake Emails


 poojaojha on Jun 9, 2010
DEAR SIR, I would like to join simpleonlinework and earn parttime.Is the site&work TRUE?Plz guide...
 Read Answers Work at Home, Part Time Jobs

pls guide me its true or not?

 shan03face on Jun 9, 2010
dear sir i have received a mail like below. pls guide me its true or not? YOUR RESUME HAS BEEN SHORTLISTED TO BE OFFERED EMPLOYMENT WITH PDVSA STATE OIL AND GAS INC...
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Blackberry Storm 9530

 pradeep madhavan on Jun 9, 2010
Dear Executive, I bought a new Blackberry storm on May 01, 2010. I got activated my Outlook express and gmail through the service provider Idea. When the configuration was done and started receiving mails, the set started showing varied display in Key board. ie, sometimes only few icons...
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account statement of balance fund

 vijaydeep laskar on Jun 9, 2010
please give me the account statement ,folio number-343819411...
 Read Answers Government Organizations

how to find the good consultancy

 lookforsat4u on Jun 8, 2010
How to find that; consultancy for canada is good one or the fraud one?...
 Read Answers Government Organizations

pan card lost

 abhiepareek on Jun 8, 2010
I've lost my pan card a couple of days ago.what should I do to get a new one. Regards Abhishek Pareek PAN AMDPA3587H...
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PDVSA State Oil Company job openings for personnel manager Need clarification.

 bgay340 on Jun 8, 2010
I have received a mail saying you have shortlised for the post of personnel manager and by name ANDRE KESHIA. And by providing free accommodation, free medical and dental care to our workers, free airline ticket and a starting salary of 6,630 pounds per month and other fringe benefits. I...
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 anbubala on Jun 7, 2010
Right now iam in singapore i want to make a isd call to india from singapore through online any free sites is there plz tell me
 Read Answers Internet Services

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