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 kethare on May 15, 2014
I purchased the item in by April 2014, since it is domain they can send the item through email. As per the guideline buyer should not mark the item as 'Received' until he/she receive the item. But once i purchase the item through ebay that seller told me that unless i marked the item as 'Received' he won't ship the item. If not go and apply for money back from ebay. Since seller was not interested to follow the guideline i contacted the ebay and claim for item, after 7 day of my complaint today one representative of ebay contacted me and try to convince me for money back. But i told what append with myself and the seller. So again he contacted the seller then he call back me that seller is approved for money back, finally the ebay representative closed my claim as 'Refund Processed basis seller request'. Now my question Seller was against the ebay guideline, with out shipping the item he marked the item as shipped. I have proof of this in my ebay message conversation with this seller. It looks no action is going to take against the seller. So the same thing may happen to other buyer also there is no proper way to contact ebay for this kind of issue. Is any way to take action against the seller
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Dear Kethare, We will take appropriate action against seller. Thank you.

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