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Neighbour menace

 K. Subramanian on Sep 24, 2012
I live in a flat, at Saffron Buds, SNV Garden, Nanjundapuram Road, Ramanathapuram, here in Coimbatore. It is a new construction, 1+ years old. My neighbour in the flat immediately above me has been doing interior work ever since he moved in last September. There is perennial sawing, drilling, tapping and what not. My flat developed a lot of cracks, both vertical and horizontal because of their work upstairs. Isn't there a limit to the amount of woodwork that can be done in a flat? Added to this is the menace of the family dragging their heavy furniture around all through the day and well into the night. No amount of complaining has helped. Whom do I complain to about this? What are my rights as a flat owner? There is no association as yet in our flats. The flat promoters intervention too hasn't helped. Can I proceed legally? Will it help? Yours sincerely K. Subramanian
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