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 vvvvm on Jul 3, 2012
hi...guys this is a consultancy in valasaravakkam this a true consultancy??hav anybody gone to IT company thro them??is it trustful??help me
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all people said about this consultancy is very bad... so please tell which consultancy is best
Hi friends...I am Karthick...I paid 2.5 lakhs and still waiting for the past 6 months to get a offer letter as i was promised from that hr of his company is saying she will place me in a small company for a salary of 10, 000...

Sathappan should think at least once in his life that not all are easy money, which we is hard earned money and I personally got through finance, which i am finding it difficult to pay since that they told i will be given a starting package of 30, 000 in Polaris...till now i am not able to get that money back...

When i repeatedly went to their new office in Madhuravoyil daily some 40 candidates will at least come and shout for their money back...It is a number one fraud company in Chennai...that person sathappan is into he just rotates the money...he is a good actor also since being in the cine field...i am feeling pity for the staffs he recruited...poor people they are believing him and working hard...i think one day they will realize that why our company is not keeping its promise of fulfilling the candidates requirements as promised before getting the money...lady staffs of muthamil be aware...he is an actor by profession so he will please u with all he can and then exploit ur life...

At least for us money, which itself we are finding it difficult to recover, but for u girls it is ur life...please dont loose the peace in your life or urself to him...
Contact Sathappan @ 9884016063.. He tried cheating and he is still trying so tht i'll fall in the trap..
Is there anyone who got placed in IT companies through MUTHAMIL placement services...pls reply...
HI . FRDS yesterday i went to muthamil placement services they offer me cts job offer . and pay me money 3 lakhs . is trust consultancy are not please please help. i did pay any money . if any any one got through this consultancy . Is trutable r not pls pls help me out, , , , , , , , , , , ,
Do not waste ur parents money dude. Even u can start a nice business with that money. Hope u met that vinglish HR girl with "Did u obey my word" right. Go through all the review which they posted b4.
is there any good back door jobs or consultancy in chennai..pls help mail id is
Hi friends good evening...again and again many of you are believing the words posted ago! please believe the words k don't waste our parents money as I did.
Whoever, paid the money and waiting for the money please go with your parents and get off the money for sure you will not get the job I promise you guys..I wasted 7 months and I am sitting without any job in home with no use to anyone.
When I paid the money in July 2012 he behaved with my parents as a family member and he is from Karaikudi me he asked to me but 2 sarees for his mother and some grocery items which are famous in karaikudi.
Me and my mom went to shop and bought everything and gave it to him even though he did everything to make my family a sentiment fools.
after waiting till October he started to cheat and avoided to speak with my father and mother and a war started among us.. my father refused to speak with me also and in December with my jesus grace I got my money back.
If you still believe him then it's your FATE...sorry.
hi guys i am searchin for job in chennai itself as i have no idea of working abroad can i trust this consultany to get job in chennai
hai gys...

shal i proced thro tis consultancy..
tey r asking much more money, wat shal i do pa...
pls send ur contact num who were placed, thro tis muthamil...
hi friends i am getting number of calls from guys who paid 6 months back, frnds i am suggesting you again nd again please dont go tht bastered Satappan(Black Dog)

for queries contact me 09036477232
Hi friends when i get call from guys they are asking which consultancy is best.

In my exp i will refer his name prem amudhan, tell referred by sunil.
i am already paid the money just few days it consultancy true or wrong.please share me or 9952690502
Hello friends they have called me for interview should i go..?
tvs, herohonda, etc mncs jobs are there pay 5lac u get job initial amount 1/2 u need to pay

hai gays u desired this is the way of aproch

fake consultancy
oh my god, i was so scared. i don't know how to get a good job. please any one tell some other good consultancy or company
Hi friends after long time, now tht Idiot Stupid SATAPPAN what doing u knw????

I am telling truth abt tht black dog knw so he s always giving me missed call nd disturbing me,

y tht idiot doing lik this? if he want to talk he should call else when i called him he should talk, he dont ve guts to talk with me.

He dont ve even 1Rs to call me? y giving missed calls?

Friends i am telling again nd again dont pay single ruppe also to tht idiot.

Feel free to contact me
09036477232 - sunil
Friends i am telling u one small hint, while going to Muthamill for foreign job,

jus search in net what is d visa procedure nd check with the person in muthamill wht thy will tell.

they dont know the procedure also for applying visa guys so pls b carefull

Feel free to contact me
09036477232 - sunil
Baadu company... Sathapan and there staffs are learning to how to cheat from from job seekers froud fukkers...pls dnt go to that office...asking money.. bakers

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