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MK Eduworld Fake Degree

 Sanju T on Dec 30, 2019
How MK Eduworld in Kerala sell fake degrees in the name of 6 months degree.
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I do not think, Kerala PSC will accept any such 6 months degree. According to the official PSC stands, a candidate must have bachelors degree from a UGC affiliated institution. No UGC affiliated institutions offering such 6 months bachelors programs.

If any one sells any degree in 6 months, it's called transit degree or paper degree. The validity of the degree will last only for 1 or 2 years. After that, information wont be available or the university wont exist. You will understand this when you get promotion or you change the company for new job. They will check the details with university & then only you will understand that, what you get was fake degree?

Once you understand or get caught, the institute who sold this degree to you wont be available or even you find them you cant do anything to this guys. Because this are run by the Gangsters, bribed politicians, relatives of police ETC.

Take care, when you find shortcut for solutions. They will kill you or file fake case against you!
Dear friends,

Please watch this video before going for this short cut.

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