pinkfairy on Jul 14, 2011
i really want to know if this INDULEKHA GOLD HAIR OIL IS JUST FAKE like all others scalp hair growing products or am i really hearing the truth about this product? What is actually behind this saying that this product is completely good and better than any other? Is this true? I am really surprised about this! Can anybody answer me please?
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never use it.. extreme hair loss after i started using it and hair never grows it is about 4 months and i am left with about 1/4 th of my previous hair. never buy...
i love this product.. it helped me a lot repairing my hair.. after two months of use my hair started growing back.. it has become more thick..
i am troubled last 2 years because of my hair fall.Now i
started using indulekha.It reduces my hair fall and stimulates
the hair growth also.
i am very disappointed about my hair loss and premature greying.I consulted many doctors, done treatments and had drugs also .but no use.Last 3 months i am continuosly using this indulekha gold hair care prevents my hair loss and premature greying.Anyway i am very happy now
I am really surprised about this!This indulekha gold hair care oil is better than any other oils.i am using this product last 2 weeks.its stops my hair loss completely.And feel good strength in my hair.
Double minded! I wasn't really sure to buy this product. But the advertisements are sure very tempting. Quiet recently I've got the traditional recipe for hair oil, granmas recipe. She still has long, thick, black hair at her 80's. So, do I need any other model?. ;)

Natural hair oils are the best. They may or may not work. But they are sure to have no side effects. :)
Hey... can i get the traditional recipe of ur grandma... im experiencing severe hair loss since the past few months... pls help...
phoo what an oil is this this is a very bad oil my friend loss her hair her name is remya
poda patti thendi chette idiot stupid bledy fool rascal
how to use it..??? shud one do daily head bath ??
this is the worst hair oil i have ever used.never use it for god's sake
I had a very bad experience after using the above oil, I lost almost all of my remaining hair after using the stupid Indulekha, I filed a case against the manufacturers of the above oil. Recentky I got a call from them asking me to withdraw the case and has offered to pay Rs.100, 000/- for keeping silent on this issue. I haven't decided on their offer most probably I will accept their offer but with a higher amount. So if anybody has any negative side effects using the above oil please file a case aginst them then they will come to you for a compromise. Remember to keep the bottles you use safe as it may come handy in your case against them.
hi guys. I use this Oil 5 months regularly. i get some relief at intial stages. but after 3 months my hair fall increased. In their ad they are telling that with in 2 months our hair related all problems will solve. Don't fall in these type cheating. 423 rs for a bottle oil. high price & low affect.
Indulekha the name sound as if they are from some othodox brahmin family who have inherited some ayurvedic formula from their forefathers but the truth is that they are from one community who are really the crooks and the frauds of the society also notoriously fanatic about their religion who are creating problems all over the world. The rumour is that a prominent minister from coalition partner in the UDF coalition government in Kerala is very much behind the scene. One thing is sure is that the marketing dept of the above company is getting solid financial support from the above minister that is why their ads are there in all the leading newspapers and that also in the front pages. I have used the above oil for almost 3months but my experience is very bad I lost all my hair and I don't know how to recover my lost hair. My assumption is that they are using a chemical called Minoxidil which is normally used for male/female baldness. The above chemical has severe side effects which will come out only after some years of its usage. Till now no thourough research has been done on why the above chemical can grow hair in some people for some period. The major and more devastating drawback of the above chemical is that once you stop using the above chemical all the hairs will be gone so the user is forced to use it continously until he or she faces the negative side effects and are forced to stop it, and the net result will be that you will loose all the hairs and also will get some skin cancer or will losse the eye sight. The details about the side effects of the above chemical called minoxidil is available in the internet.

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