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 BlrCTZN on Jul 12, 2011
Is this product for real ??? Surprisingly I can't find any reviews !! Does this product deliver results as it advertises ... or is this just another one of those hoax products
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i was also really trying to find the information much about this product called Indulekha gold hair care oil. I am also not at all sure about this product and same as you i have also find no reviews about this product. I am not answering ay of your questions but trying to extend this question which can be noticed by some other experts who can answer us.

I am also a girl who is really suffering greatly from hair loss from my scalp. I really have to find any solution or i am afraid that i will go bald one day or the other! I can't even imagine that! so please answer us!!! thank you!
I have just started using it two weeks back and I think the experience with me is good as well as bad .There is instruction that for 1st 8 days you have to apply it at night and get it washed only in morning, I followed it and on 9th day I ended up having fever. And now after a gap of 4-5 days am again continuing the oil, now am just applying it minutes before bath as they have told to do after that 8 days night usage. I dont know about new hairs growing( and I dont expect it to be a miracle drug to see hair growth so soon..! ) but many told my hair is getting more black now( as I even had the graying problem) . Maybe after 2 weeks or so I could write more about this. i.e if it actually helps to grow new hairs and remove dandruff problem also...fingers crossed.
i am using this product last 2 months.And its very useful for me.My hair started growing back.Especially no side effects.
I have started using indulekha gold hair care oil. how nice this oil is. I probably won't be using other oils again, because it helps me reduction of hair loss and thickening of existing hairs .i loved this product very much
i am using this indulekha gold hair care oil last 3 months.I am very pleasure to say something about this product, because it removes dandruff in my scalp and this helps to reduce my hair fall.Thanks to indulekha.
I am using this indulekha gold hair oil continuosily.Now I got thick, healthy, black hair.This hair oil stops the hair splits also.My special thanks to indhulekha.
I feel better to use this hair oil .i have just started using this indulekha last 3 weeks, i think its a good experience.i am happy now
I am a working women.i didnt have any time to care aout my hair.2 months back i have started to use indulekha gold hair care oil.First it reduces dandruff .that affects my hair i am very free to go for job.Now i am getting healthy, thick, black hair
I am using this indulekha hair care oil last 3.5 months.i feel better in hair loss problem and scalp dryness.Also i was troubled in greying its getting more black really
it's has no side affects...
is this product available in soudiaraba?
Hi, i had good hair until starting of my thirties, but with a few 'greys' in between. Since i was facing a high amount of hairloss in last few years i was forced to use 'Sreedhareeyam Sumangala' hair oil. And i feel this oil gave me a bit of relief from my hairloss, and the color also improved(not a great effect). And yes, that oil was giving a cool scalp effect and good sleep. Recently i have heard about 'Indulekha oil', and purchased giving Rs.396. But i am not happy with the new one even after paying so much, i have to say, because there was severe headache and sleeplessness in the first few days and hairloss was high, which was heart breaking seeing good black hairs are losing, and worried whether i will lose my complete hair. Immediately i had shifted to my previous hair oil which costs only Rs.140, and found a normality. I don't know whether this is the side effects of Indulekha gold or not. But i am waiting for the comment from the manufacturers..and the genuine users...because i want thick black hair and dont want to lose the present hair by using some fake oils...Thanks...
im using this from past 8 days...and i think its usefull...everything is in gods all of us...
I'v started using this oil for three weeks..while applying this on ma scalp i can see many hair falling..Is this a problem with this oil??
After all i didnt found any other problem with this oil..The only problem is that many hair strains are falling while applying this and during other time i dont find any hair fall..
i am also suffering from hair loss will it reduce by use of indulekha gold is it a guareete
actually am using an ayurvedam oil kuntalakanti thailam is it adivisable to use indulekha now if i stop using tat ayurvedic oil????reply pls
Wow! Thanks for all the above reviews. I was thinking of whether to or not to buy this product as I've tried many products for hair loss (Vatika - Hair Fall Control being comparatively better). I've finally decided not to buy since any product we use may not have side effects while using. It starts when we actually stop using it. So, with reference to expert advise, I'm switching to the old traditional way of hair treatment. Kachiya enna or rather heated oil, with additional ingredients (granma's recipe). Well, I can trust her as at the age of 80 she still has very long, black, thick, beautiful hair. :)

No more experiments on my precious hair! :)

P.S: Sorry if this review discourages any of you from buying the product. But what's better than having a good oil massage with natural ingredients followed by a hair steam!? May or may not work. But it definitely comes with zero side effects. Good luck to all the users. :)
I am very pleased with indulekha gold and I have achieved amazing hair growth since I have started using it. I never dreamed my hair could grow this fast, it is still so unbelievable.
anne is it growing thick??
i am, using indulekha hair care care oil for 4monts till continue i have poblem of hairloss but after the usage of 2 months reduce hair loss..

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