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i want to complaint maruti wagen r duo

 hemant nahar on May 30, 2010
i want advocate to firth
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I purchased wagon R and in fist service, I told that there no mileage
but they told me that new engine will get free after 2&3 service and
will give mileage after 3rd service but there was no mileage even
after 3rd service! i informed the work manager. After checking,
he told to change gas filter and he did change it. but even though
there was no mileage so we called up Maruti office, Himayatnagar . He
gave us Minda gas company's manager's number. I called him, he told me
to get the car to RKS, Nampally, he checked the car and told to set
the Tappet but still there is no mileage. I called Minda's manager but
he was ignoring me. The RKS just started asking money though the 1st
service should be done for free and in the 1st service they just
washed the car and gave the car back in just 1 hour.I took the car
again on 28th May, 2010 for checking but RKS said that the filters must
be changed which will cost 4500/-. When i took the car for checking in
2007, the filters were new but then why didn't it give Mileage?..If i
change the filters now, can you give me the guarantee that the car
will give mileage?

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