Salman Sk on Sep 20, 2012
i got a call letter from hero honda industrial recruitment arumbakkam they told me to pay rs.250 for registration and i paid and after this they r telling me to pay rs.2000 and said its a service charge if we pay this we ll attend 2 to 3 companies and get placed is this true or fake pls help.............
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i dont know brother even i too got this letter
Wats ur qualification brother?...did u paid 2000rs?is there any response frm HERO HONDA INDUSTRIAL RECRUITMENT ARUMBAKAM...let them trust or not...bcoz me too got that same letter...interview s on 2mrow rply sn...
dear brother

i also got interview letter from HERO HONDA INDUSTRIAL RECRUITMENT ARUMBAKAM. interview date is 19-11-2012. what will do...
i also got interview letter and check the address is correct but no one there...may be its fake...dont reg any amount...
My friend to got a call from these guys and they say the same thing...Guess they are fake..i would refrain from applying for this if i were you...
hai brother this is viji. me also got the letter from HERO HONDA INDUSTRIAL RECRUITMENT, interview date 4.2.2013. what can i do? if i go to the interview surely they give me job or not?
Hai friends. . . Me also got the same interview call from hero honda.. For me, , , , , they asked to come on 19.2.13. .
hi friends me also got the call letter from hero honda industrial recruitment from arumbakam chennai, ,
is it true ?
Hi friends i also got a interview letter, interview date is 20.03.2013.what to do?
i m also got a letter, but fully confusion... what v do... dont know
Hi fends pls tel me I also got call letter from hero honda interview date is 30.5.2013 et v do... ...its TRUE r fake...interview
Kindly do not give any amount(Money) to anyone to get a job. Company only wants you, you do not need any company . Company should provide a money (salary) for a job .. Plzzzzzzzzzz DO NOT PAY ANY AMOUNT TO ANY COMPANY OR CONSULTANCY ... Here many of peoples ready to fool fresher and make money... So, All the best for all FRESHERS, U all will get good job if you search and work(study) hard because this is competitive world, ALL THE BEST to ALL . Share this with all of your friends.
hai frnds pls tell me is this fraud or good company
hi frnds, i also want to know is it fake or not
hi bros, i too got a call letter, my interview date is 23/07/13 to 27/07/13 except sunday, 300 rupess registration fee. but i am not going to believe this guy because you know bros i already had very very bitter experience in my life believing a f****g consultancy called sevenseas shipping. i request all graduates and fresher dont believe any f****s until otherwise it is referred by trustful person/well known person. all the best to all and also to me.
en frienduku call letter vanthiruku first 230 pay panna soldranga pay pannalama illa venama
I have an interview on 24/1/2017 in Honda industrials, coimbatore..but unfortunately I am unable to attend the interview..Is there any possibility to attend the interview in other day or any nearby branch( pondicherry, Chennai )?
i have interview in honda industrials coimbatore 2/5/2017
is it reliable????

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