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 TEJAS PATEL on Jun 2, 2010
hey! i am the winner of bmw car promotion lottery. it is not fake.i have confirmed it from uk complains investigation. thus,i have to make an account in velocity bank uk. so the bank asking 34000 rupees for open account.the form of open account is filed by me. now i must to arrange 34000 rupees within 5 hours.i will return it by multiplying with 100. so,contact me on [protected].my email id is:[protected] can you help me? [protected][protected][protected]--- Confirmatory Message From: UK Complaints Investigation <[protected]> View Contact To: [protected] Hello TEJAS PATEL We Sent you a Confirmatory Message Earlier, about the BMW Automobile Corporation Lottery. You are Not On the List of the Winners. I Just Made a Check from the List and Found that Mobile Number +91 [protected] is on the Winning List. Owner of the Mobile Number +91 [protected] is Among the Winners of the BMW Automobile Corporation Lottery. Unfortunately, Am Afraid you are Dealing with Hackers, as the BMW Automobile Corporation has not sent out Winning Notifications to anyone. The List of Winners was Sent to us, as a measure to Enable us Tackle the Menance of Internet Fraud. People Impersonating as Claims Agent, and asking for Payment for Various Documents to Deliver Winning Funds to You are SCAMMERS! They are not in any way Related to the BMW Automobile Corporation. They Impersonate, and Commit Fraud Using the Names of Big Companies. Often times, these Fraudsters Even Use the Photo Identity Which is Hacked by Individuals who are Unaware of these Schemes. The Investigation Bureau are Trying Very Hard to Apprehend these Criminals who engage in Cyber Crimes. Do Send Us Informations as much as you Can, so as to Enable us Track down and Apprehend Such hackers Posing as Delivery Agents to Lottery Bodies. BMW Automobile Corporation do not Sent Delivery Agents to Pay Winners. VelocityInland Bank is the ONLY Authourised Pay Out Bank of the BMW Automobile Corporation Lottery Winners. Hackers are Aware you Won the Lottery and are trying to Scam you. Call the VelocityInland Bank Immediately and ask them to put a HOLD on your Winning Funds so that it Cannot be Collected by Hackers. These Fraudsters trying to Scam you might also be trying to Collect your Winning Funds From the VelocitInland Bank,If they Have your Passport Photograph and Any Identification Document Bearing your Name. You can Contact Velocity Inland Bank on Velocity Inland Bank 16 West Gate, Wind rush Park Rd, Whitney , Oxford shire OX29 7DX +[protected] [protected] [protected][protected][protected]-------
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Trying to scam 34K from we guys you!

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