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 akib on May 8, 2010
my name is akib mir from jaipur. i was a short user of baraclay credit card. The baraclay issued me c.card in 2008 and i did not recieved the pin no . on even giving requist for pin no more than 20 times.I did not recieved any infornmation. WHen i tried to give back the card to the bank, the put put some extra charges, which i was not ready to pay. finally the bank sent me a letter with the actual usage of mine. Which i paid on the time by 2 cheques. after one year i applied for the loan and the bank is not really give me loan coz my name is in civil even after paying the baraclay on time. i think a day will come soon when no one will use the credit cards. I have also the letter which bank sent me by email and also i have the proof of the money which i paid the bank. AFter that i never used the baraclay credit card...
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