hassain shareeff on Jul 29, 2013
sir, Trecieved the mail from RBI new delhi. kindly inform me is it true or fake mail Reserve Bank of India (RBI Delhi) Central Office, No, 6 Sansad Marg, Janpath, New Delhi. H.O 110001-India. TELEX: 09748CREDIT/RBI RBI PAYMENT FILE: RBI/ID1033/012. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT / CREDIT INSTRUCTION ATTENTION! We acknowledge the receipt of your mail. The transfer department of the Reserve bank of India has been notified that your Mobile Number were listed as a beneficiary in the recent OLYMPICS PMT DRAW held in LONDON (UK) on Saturday 11th, AUG, 2012. Recently, we were also informed that you have been officially cleared for PAYMENT at the BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION in DELHI. NOTE: Your winning amount of Rs.2 Crore Rupees (2,00,00,000) is now ready to be transferred. All verification has been done, the telegraphic remittance process has been concluded and the fund is now available for immediate transfer to your account. Please be informed that the deadline for claiming the OLYMPICS PMT prize is just within 24hrs only. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The OLYMPICS PROMOTION prize which is Rs.2 Crore Rupees (2,00,00,000) will be released to you immediately after the endorsement from the British High Commission, as it was committed by the British Government that any Beneficiary who wins the OLYMPICS PMT prize will have to pay the Endorsement fee of Rs.21,000 India Rupees only to the British High Commission, before the winning fund can be transferred to the nominated account of the winner. The endorsement fee is legally for Licensing and coverage documentation including the Back-up Letters from the India Govt stating that the prize money was legally won from the 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS DRAW. So you are therefore required to pay Rs.21,000 INR to the British High Commission in Delhi before money can be credited in your account. ATTENTION: The Endorsement fee cannot be deducted from your winning amount, because the winning amount has been protected by a professional hardcover insurance policy which makes it impossible to deduct from it. Therefore, the full amount (Rs.2 Crore Rupees (2,00,00,000) will be remitted to you in full value as stated by the INSURANCE COMPANY. The British High Commission informed that the endorsement fee should be remitted to them within 24hours only. Inability to meet with the stipulated time (24hrs), you will be charge additional Rs.3,500 INR for late payment. This is to say that if after 24hrs you do not pay your endorsement fee, you will have to pay a late payment of Rs.24,500 INR instead of Rs.21,000 INR. We advise that you immediately contact the British High Commission and pay your endorsement fee of Rs.21,000/- today only to avoid late payment and also to enable us complete your transaction. Kindly contact the British High Commission through the below phone number for details on how to pay your endorsement fee: ======================================== BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION (DELHI) Contact: (Deputy High Commissioner) Phone Number:[protected] Office hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm ======================================= Once you contact the British High Commission Office for the payment, you are to inform the British High Commission that you want to make the payment for the transfer of your money from the Reserve Bank Of India. Once you make the payment, a copy of your receipt of your payment will be sent to us {Transfer Department Reserve Bank Of India} for proof of payment. Above is the contact information to the officer in charge British High Commission Office. On receipt of your Payment , your fund shall be transferred to your account within (2) hours. We await your urgent response to this vital request, as we have been committed to complete your crediting process within one day only. Thank you. Deputy General Manager Foreign Remittance Dept Reserve Bank of India (Delhi)
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