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Fake Or true Email ?

 Soumen1982 on Jun 23, 2014
Sir/Medam, I have receive this email. Is it true ? What Can I do? THIS EMAIL:_>>>>>>>>] Regional Director : Mr. A .Ghosh Reserve Bank of India Regional office Foreign Remittance Department 11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi 01 ATTENTION:Soumen Bose PLEASE NOTE THAT BEFORE WE CAN REMIT THE TOTAL SUM OF £500,000.00{FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS} TO YOUR ACCOUNT, HAS BEEN APPROVED BY RESERVE BANK OF INDIA AND IT WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO YOUR NOMINATED BANK ACCOUNT. NOTE YOU HAVE TO FILL UP THE BENEFICIARY BANKING DETAILS OF YOUR BROTHER AND MAKE A PAYMENT OF CONVERSION AND REGISTRATION FEE TO THE GIVEN ACCOUNT DETAILS BELOW BENEFICIARY BANKING DETAILS: ACCOUNT NAME: Soumen Bose BANK NAME:State Bank Of India ACCOUNT NUMBER:[protected] BRANCH:Haldibari YOU ARE TO PROVIDE US WITH THE FUND RELEASE ORDER CERTIFICATE FEE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FOR THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF YOUR FUND TO YOUR LOCAL BANK ACCOUNT. THE REQUIRED CERTIFICATION FUND RELEASE ORDER CHARGES OF Rs 22, 500INR ONLY. BE ADVICE TO DEPOSIT THE REQUIRED AMOUNT TO THE FOLLOWING ACCOUNT: ACCOUNT NAME: MAHESH GOHIL A/C NO: [protected] BANK NAME:STATE BANK OF INDIA IFSC CODE: SBIN0001863 PAN NO AQMPG6572F PLEASE SCAN AND EMAIL US THE PAYMENT SLIP AS SOON AS YOU HAVE DONE THE PAYMENT IN OTHER FOR US TO PROCEED WITH YOUR TRANSFER AND AS SOON AS WE CONFIRM THE PAYMENT ALONG WITH YOUR ONE VALID ID PROOF. Hereby, you are advised to co ordinate with our UN OFFICER ,SIR ANDERSON on this number: [protected] for details Info on charges deduction process: We cannot make any kind of deduction out of your won amount due to the official policy that we do not reserve the right to make any form of deduction OR tampering of your fund & as per the regulation of the insurance bond policy related to your won amount. There is also a fidelity bonds & surety bonds covering all the funds unclaimed with us. These are the agreements breach by the depositors of your fund. The funds may be covered by what is termed as " Banker’s Blanket Bond ” which is a multi - purpose Insurance Policy, a bank purchases to protect itself from Embezzlement and other various causes of disappearing funds. The banker’s blanket bond ensures that our customer’s fund is protected in case of any hindrances or tampering of your won fund. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU BETTER. YOURS TRULY, Mrs.A.Kumari, Sr. Manager, Foreign Remittance Dept, R.B.I Head Quarters, New Delhi- 01 View our Privacy Policy and Conditions o[censored]se of this website. [protected][protected][protected][protected]DISCLAIMER[protected][protected] This e-mail contains confidential information or information’s belonging to and is intended solely for the addressee. The unauthorized disclosure, use, dissemination or copying (either whole or partial) of this e-mail, or any information it contains, is prohibited. E-mails are susceptible to alteration and their integrity cannot be guaranteed. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA (RBI) shall not be liable for this e-mail if modified or falsified. If you are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, please delete it immediately from your system and notify the sender of the wrong delivery and the mail deletion. Cons
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