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Extra money taken for rebounding in a salon

 Era Kaundal on Oct 13, 2014
I recently checked for online discounts on rebounding in Delhi salons. I spotted a salon which was charging Rs. 2000 for rebounding, haircut and hair wash. I got the rebounding done from there. after three days I went there again to get the hair wash which is mandatory after rebounding. the person took Rs. 200 from me over Rs.2000, saying it was for the hair wash. Hair wash is a part of rebounding. rebounding cant be done without hair wash. and if these people consider the hair wash not a part of rebounding, then according to the discount, hair wash was included in the offer anyway. I talked to the salon guy and he said that they have been taking the extra money since 1 year. I wasn't informed beforehand that this was so. Even in the discount offer, there is no statement regarding this extra money incurred. Can i do something about it? Also, they burnt my hair. Can I also get any kind of cash back for the damage.
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