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Death of Sri, Rajeev Dixit - Bharat Swabhimaan

 mehsamkit on Nov 30, 2010
Why nobody is interested to telecast / enquiry for the death of Sri. Rajeev Dixit the True Co-Ordinator of Bharat Swabhimaan ??? We feel that only this organisation has the capability to bring the revolution in India. no doubt someother person is going to handle this misson, but our media and news networks must force the Investigation agenices to investigate the death of the above great person. I feel really sad, and shame that our media & news agenices are not interested in Indian Development.
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I completely agree with you. Why everybody is quite. He have lost our true hero.
I also fully agree with you. He was my ideal person. I am shocked to come to know about it. He was the real partriotic person in real sense.
Rajesh Chaddha
its true and we also completely agree with you. we are with everyone in this moment of grieve. we have lost a great visionary of our nation who devoted his complete for it.
rohit and ashish
I also shocked by seeing SMS from our Swabhiman Trust Bagalkot. We the advocate committee of Patanjali Yoga Samiti tried reach this shocking message to the media person, but no one were interested on sudden death. Realy Rajeev's death hege lost to our nation. I ask u to circulate his thoughts to your children and young generation at last they may protect themselves from MNC's poisioned foods and western bad culture.
Thank you
Why the hell is media not active on this issue
they are only interested in Big Boss & Rakhi ka insaaf
Someone should define their credibility also
I am shocked by this news, realy very sad that our media is not interested to tribute the real hero of Bharath. But we salute our true hero. Jai Bharath
Our media is paid media pay money and you can telecast anything, thanks that truth of these journalist is coming out...
we are really shocked and more painfull is that none of the media is interested in this. I think Bharat Swabhiman next step should be to start own TV news and own News paper and that will bring the change.
death of rajiv dixit is a loss to india's progress. he was a great person. I am very shock that Indian media is not interested in telecasting his death news. This proves how Indian media is selfise. Media always telecast bluddy unimportent news. Media never telecast india's development news. Rajiv dixit death is a loss to a new revolution. We wanted to know all the reasons how this great patriot was dead??//
why will media telecast dey hav already gt money 4 nt telecasting it by our politicians, der is no chance of rajiv dixit ji dying due to natural cause, he has been killed by our politicians, any1 who tries to change our corrupt system will die like this only shame on you our politicians, and i guarantee you der will b no investigation abt dis, bt i m really shocked tat even ramdevji didnt said anything, why is he quiet????
why any news channel is not broadcasting news Chanel about death of rajeev dexit.i unable to understand how aajtak is no 1 from last 10 years.Totally falase .subhash mishra
What is this going on?????????????
A legend has been killed and nobody is bothered to investigate how he died.His death is still a
mystery to me.I saw some news channels.They are more interested in showing obscene stuff
like 'Big Boss---Dolly Bindra doing rubbish gestures', 'Shiela ki Jawani'' ...nobody is damn bothered
about the great loss our country has faced.The GREAT SON OF INDIA----RAJIV BHAI HAS DIED.

U idiots...mediapersons...later on you only blame the corrupt system and the person who lived and
died for the country has not been highlighted in a single news channel.
If some model dies, these idiots keep on showing that the whole but if some RASTRABHAKT dies...they don't show a single news...WHAT A SHAME.

Don't Rajiv's sacrifice won't go waste. Bhagat Singh himself couldn't do that much that his life sacrifice did . The fire has been ignited in our hearts and a 1000 Rajiv 's have already come now,

yes u r very can show animals on the tv but least interested in showing the honourable legend's death. I m feeling very shame on us for following such chennels including dd for very long. Now we should avoid these rubbish channels. This may b good answer to their this act. We have the power of not watching these chennels.
When ever I watch him on TV, listening to his lecture I feel as if he is a very close family member.I strongly believe that this is the same feeling to all o[censored]s.such a great impressive, knowledgeable, orator &patriot.His death is a blow to all patriots inspiring us and making us to awake . His soul will rest in peace if only all these blows in millions from us are directed by us and showered on to the corrupt politicians and corrupt officials as missiles.May His soul rest in peace.--- ABS Rama Rao [protected]
iam also agree with you
jaha sas bahu or actor actress ki news pure din bhar telecast hoti hai but ek desh k sache saput ki ek news bhi dekhne ko nhi milti
shame o[censored]s ...
kaise koi is desh k liye haste haste kurbani dega...
If you pay something to media then only he will telecast.. otherwise forgeted, All the Bakwas news, false alegations without proofs, not showing the turuth... ect.. is going on todays media... Rajeev dixit jaise desh bhakt k liye wo kuch nahi dikate shahayad isko telecast na karne k bhi inlogo ko paise milte hoge... just like santo ko badnaam karne k liye inko milte kabhi jayendra sarswati, kabhi raamdev baba, kabhi aasarambapu, sudhanshu ji maharaj ect... aaj ki media ko paise milte hai Bartiya sanskriti ke bare mein galat dikhane k liye... par aaj ki public pagal nahi hai wo sab samajhti hai sach kya hai or jhooth kya ? SHAME ON MEDIA
Shame on Indian media they are just interested in minting money out off paid sensational stories, i'm highly surprised that not a single channel has reported RAJEEV JI'S death. At times we all notice that every channel is covering almost same news at the same time may be together they have decided not to cover this tragic news, we all have to think that why MEDIA behaves like MAFIA at times.
rajiv bhai ki aatma ko naman..aur pujya ramdev baba ko main 111 crore hindustaniyon ki taraph se ye bharosa dilana chahta hun ki aapki is mahan kranti main ham apne pranon ko aahut karne ko taiyaar he..satta ke saudagaron aur media ke dallalon ke aage jhukne ki jarurat nahin he.rajiv bhai ki death ka...karaara jawab milega inhe..main aap yuva sathiyon se bhi kehna chahta hun ki "HAWAO MAIN UD JAYE WO PATTE HAM NAHIN, TUFAN SE KAHO AUKAT MAIN RAHE" hame ek jut hokar babag ko support karna he.
I am also agree. We lost our best hero. It is our great loss.Shame on Indian media & Indian politics who are not interested in investigation of death of Rajiv Bhai. Rajiv Bhai Bhagwan Apaki Atma ko Shanti Jarur Dega, Par Apake bina Bharat Swabhiman ka kya Hoga, Apake Bina Is Des ka Kya Hoga. Apaki Tamanna ke liye, Apaki Ummid ke Liye Hem (Sare Hindustani) ko babako support karana hoga.
It is the biggest loss to our country. He was a great soul and GOD will definately give peace to him. We can give a real tribute to him by moving his mission ahead and ahead.

But we don't accept this as a nature death at all !! We all need to force Baba Ramdev not to keep quite.And we also expect from BABA that he must force the government for an investigation and disclose the truth.

Jyotirdhar Oza
I am shocked to hear this news from my friend in India.

I am trying for 3-4 hrs now to find out how he died. and I am surprised to see that no news channel or newspapers have covered this story.

I met and heard him once in my college and have heard several of his thought proving lectures on his site.

People of the country need to rise this question to the media and to the government that why an investigation is not started and truth is unearthed.

Undoubtedly if BABA Ramdev also raise this question, matter willl recieve urgency.

Jai Hind

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