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CitiBank Ready Credit

 Scorpio on May 8, 2010
I was having Citibank account and they have enabled the feature of ready credit without my permission. When I first opened the citibank account there was no ready credit facilitiy. I had given my citibank account for my Airtel bill payments thro' ECS. One month I got Airtel bill which I felt was wrong, and I didnot have time to go to airtel office to discuss about it. So to avoid paying the airtel bill thro' ECS i with all my money from my citibank account and taught i could go to airtell office and check about my bill later. In the meantime the citibank people have enabled the readycredit facility and paid the bill. They have not even asked my permission to enable the ready credit facility. I have seen problems with credit card with many people so I have not even taken a single credit card till date. The ready credit amount was around 3000, and they had been withdrawing from my savings account to ready credit on monthly basis ( i beleive it was with 2% interest). I wanted to stop it, as they had enabled the ready credit facility without my permission. I had called them many times asking them how could they enable the ready credit facility without my permission, but i didnot get any correct answers from them. Then I stoped using the account and changed my salary account. I have paid around 4000 from the time they enabled ready credit till i changed my salary account, But till date every month I get mail saying that I need to around 3500 more, and this is due to the interest. My question is why should I pay the interest when they have not taken my permission to enable ready credit? Actually I was not interested in paying even the credit amount as they have done it without my permission, but since I have already paid cannot help much. Please tell me what I could do with this issue, I donot want them to keep sending me post telling me to pay and I donot want to be said I am in credit. Can I approch consumer court regarding this? Please mail me at [protected] I could also give my phone number, if you could mail me. donot want to disclose my phone number here. Thanks a lot...and please advice.
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