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lottery winning in uk

 dinesh1234 on Nov 15, 2010
Sir i am receive this massage this is true or false and i send or don't send my a/c details pls reply as soon as my mail id: " [email protected] " We write to inform you that today the 21th October, 2010, we have received a payment instruction from our apex bank...
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Procedures to get Duplicate KVP & NSC certificates

 EdwinWal on Nov 9, 2010
Hi, I am Edwin and i have lost the KVP & NSC certificates and need to get duplicate certificates. What is the procedure for applying a duplicate one. Can anybody guide on this Thanks Edwin...
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Delay in correction of passport

 asadalam on Nov 3, 2010
Sir How much tim does the Lucknow passport offioce take in correction of passport? sir, I applied for correction of father's name in my pass port alongwith all the required document( File NO LKO-H005171-09) on dated 14 june2010.Again I met PRO on dated 26-10-2010 and was assured to...
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regd parcel service by post office

 latha suresh on Oct 27, 2010
i ust lodged a complaint thru your site ,my name latha suresh regarding saree sent to tirucharapalli,will you be taking action or what is the procedure...
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postpaid usage details

 logarajan on Oct 22, 2010
hi i want the details of my broadband postpaid usage details of the month september...
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Tracking of Speed Post

 p.paul. on Oct 16, 2010
What is the website to find out the process history for speed post of India Post?...
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Tracking of Speed Post

 p.paul. on Oct 16, 2010
What is a website to find out the process history for speed post of India Post?...
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Tracking of Registered Post

 parthadatta on Oct 15, 2010
There is a website to find out the process history for speed post of India Post. Can I find any website for Registered letter posted under Indian Post Office....
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 umesh mishra on Oct 12, 2010
docketno201791717 handed over to your courier service for jaipur on09-10-10 has not yet been delivered...
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Issue of duplicate NSC certificate

 S.G.Dandekar on Oct 12, 2010
I had prchased 2 NSC of Rs.10,000 each in May 2004 and for Rs.10,000 in July 2004. Unfortunetly the NSC certificate got lost but I had the details of certificate ie. Its number, registration number. I Iodged a FIR and got the copy of it and then submitted the form provided by the Post office...
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Information about actions taken

 rsreeka on Oct 11, 2010
I would like to know what type of actions will be taken against courier complaints....
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 telbill_2010 on Oct 4, 2010
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for delivered of my envelop to bhopal

 ayushi gangrade on Oct 1, 2010
i have posted a envelop to prabhari mission exillance vigyan bhawan neharu nagar bhopal on dt. 26-08-2010 by madhur corrier so i want to con form that is envelop dellivered. and on which dt. fron ayushi gangrade c 4/14 mahakal vanijya ujjain c/no 55 475980...
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bluedart delivering citibank card bills without obtaining any signature.

 basudeb basu on Sep 23, 2010
the delivery man of the aforesaid courier company of late (last 5/6 months) has stopped ringing my calling bell and just throwing the citibank bills/correspondences through the collapsible gate of the ground floor, while i live on the 1st floor ( for last 40 years). earlier the same person...
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 sfssi71 on Sep 17, 2010
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 balu.kilaru7 on Aug 19, 2010
how can i know about pass port delivery status....
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What is the functionality of this "Indian Consumer Complaints Forum"

 ksreedhar123 on Aug 11, 2010
Dear All, In what way the consumers can be benefited by this website "Indian Consumer Complaints Forum". Will this forum help consumers to pass on this information to the concerned or will it take appropriate action to resolve the issues. Regards, Sreedhar...
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How can search our camplant status

 kundr69 on Aug 2, 2010
How can I recall or withdraw my own complaints from...
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scam or real

 sivareddy on Jul 23, 2010
hi, this is siva kumar reddy.jillella from india. i got mail from this mail id with phone numbers [email protected] TEL: +44-701-004-2441 FAX: +44-871-503-3216 Email: [email protected] this real or not...
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Courier Complaint

 maymenuplz on Jul 14, 2010
Refused to deliver the courier at door ....
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package hold in Malaysia

 naome on Jul 4, 2010
Name: KEFAS JULIET Address: No 76 Custom dpt Klia, Kuala lumpur. Country: Malaysia Its the name whom we will send the money of the on hold package...Is she connected in Customs Malaysia?......
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your massage

 shahrukh ali on Jun 30, 2010
i have received your massage my name is shahrkh ali and my mobile no is 9993148858...
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Post Office

 amitkumarmangal on Jun 5, 2010
I want to know these registered complaints is send to recpective departments or not....
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About Indian Post Servise

 Mohd Eisa on May 24, 2010
What type of postal servise which tracking number starts from ED and end by IN like as ED893219664IN ?...
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 simlin das on May 23, 2010
sir i get a mail that i had won prize 750,000GBP intrenet microsoft.pls tel me its true/false....
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