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Time Duration to file a complaint if delivered wrong medicines

 DayNightDrugs on Jan 8, 2020
What is the minimum time to file a complaint against a pharmaceutical manufacturers...
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Where to buy online medicines online in India?

 PillsBills on Nov 13, 2019
If anyone wants to order medicines online then which is the best site to visit?...
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 kkkkeely12 on May 30, 2019
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food licence

 mubeen md on Feb 11, 2019
dear sir i want to start small business like tea stall or shawarma stall and or fish stall in hyderabad so what is the process...
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Medlife delivered me vaccines with out ICE TUBE

 Akkii on Dec 14, 2017
What action I can take against medlife for this careless vaccines delivery for 3 months old baby....
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Strict Action Against Refollium Company for cheating customers

 Binay 5555 on Sep 5, 2017
Sir I had purchased Refollium Hair Support Capsule based on the trust of such a branded company but after recieving the product...
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Harbal care india

 hitesh honey on Jul 22, 2016
Before some days i upload my cv on naukri and shine.Com and today i have a call from herbal care india for getting interview...
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not registered company offering distribution: is it fraud?

 Arpit Kantia on May 14, 2016
A company named Health plus geo, indore, MP have sent us business proposal for Distribution/Franchise of its company products. i...
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 Archana Ramakrishna on Jan 2, 2016
Should we have to pay VAT on medicines ?...
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 Archana Ramakrishna on Dec 30, 2015
Is vat payable on medicines at retail outlets by consumers?...
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Regarding the quantity of medicine sold by chemist

 ppriya on Nov 26, 2015
I want to know is it legal to coerce a customer to buy an entire strip of medicine if the customer needs only 1 or 2 tablets?...
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My proof change for sim

 ravi27akina on Sep 18, 2015
Iam using +91 8374392092 sim. It is depend on my brother id proof so i can change my sim into my id proof...
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Not friendly

 Shilpi Kathuriya on Jul 6, 2015
Mr rajkumar vishwas nagar pharmacy incharge not talk friendly wid customers he asking me a my personal no....
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Injection for osteoporosis

 Subhash Kawatgi on Apr 20, 2015
My mother is suffering from osteoporosis. Which is the best injection for osteoporosis? Is quality of forteo amd bonmax same?...
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Delay in recieving parcel

 AJITH KUMAR K on Apr 1, 2015
Sir, The parcel (Medicine) docate number : z52774346 had been sent from dm pharma chattisgarh on 26/03/2015. Usually it...
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Web based pharmacy

 fife on Nov 16, 2014
Is worldpharmacare+ a reputable company? I ordered medication from them to be shipped to the u. S. With the guarantee of delivery....
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Pharmacy store drugs

 aku0000 on Oct 27, 2014
Sir/mam If a pharmacy shop is not keeping specific drugs or denies to give drug even after having in his stock What we...
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Can a person run a pharmacy using another person's pharmacy license?

 Costa on May 18, 2014
A recently widowed woman plans to run the pharmacy that was earlier run by her husband. Husband had procured a license in...
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Whether chemists are under any legal obligation to take back unused medicines?

 UrP on Apr 19, 2014
I recently purchased 6 pills of some medicine from a local chemist. I used 2 of them. I had no use of the other 4. So i went...
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Tele marketing products

 varadharaju on Feb 11, 2014
One health care product company(ciombatore Head office) announced 30% margin for our produts.No sales We are given orders...
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correction in voter id

 brijesh kachariya on Mar 29, 2013
my birth date is wrong printed how can change?...
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Didnt give bills for medicine

 sanuks on Jan 4, 2013
I purchased homeo medicines from a medical store in Kerala. When I demanded bill they said if you want take the medicine or...
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Indoleka hair oil

 mspriyan on Dec 17, 2012
What is the Indoleka hair oil price? How can I buy in srilamka?...
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Indoleka hair oil

 mspriyan on Dec 17, 2012
1) What is the price Indoleka hair oil? 2) How can i buy Indoleka hair oil in srilanka?...
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huggies baby goodies points ....invalid keyword

 kumkum vishal on Oct 15, 2012
hi im trying to send sms to 575758 many then 100 times but im getting only 1 answer is invalid keyword... im useing huggies...
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