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BBC lottery award for email id true or false on Jun 14, 2014
my name is daison I got several message from BBC ,BMW,NOKIA,COCOCOLA COMPANYS they says iam wining BBC UK email award price clame 5oo,ooo,00 my email id [[email protected]]mobi:8129090294 please inform this mail is true or false...
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coca cola live mobile drow in UK - about prize money

 anujj kumar on Jun 13, 2014
sir i have got message that i have won 500,000,00. GBP Pounds, And One Hp Laptop in mobile draw , i am in sufficient with the exact details in your website. so please send me the correct information to my mobile number 9990430132...
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Uk Lottery

 Jatin k raina on Jun 8, 2014
I got a call tomorrow about 5'o Clock . Person is calling me and Asked that u Win money .. and today our diplomat Arrived India To Give U Parcel !!! Is this is right or Fake support buddies with right Information .....
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Wining prize amount true or false

 Davinder Goswami on May 31, 2014
Sir I am davinder goswami from Shahabad Markanda Haryana I have received a mail from coca Cola company btitain that they tell me your mobile no. Have won 500000 gbp and amount will be submitted in rbi contact with [email protected] please tell me it is true or false if true what can...
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I got a mail from coca cola company uk, winning a lottery.

 karimulla khan on May 23, 2014
Dear sir, Its P MD KARIMULLA KHAN I have a mail from [email protected] from England on 21st May 2014. And i have winning a lottery prizes of £500,000.00. Somebody called me after arrived in india. Details given below: Here are the Information of diplomat in...
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 nitesh394 on Mar 18, 2014
this is totally fake website fooling people by doing captcha work there own guy win all the recharge id called rockyone who bids more then 10 bids in just 2 secs,,this is all cheating same winner id called rocky who won always none other guy with recharge take action aginst this site please....
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conformation of bmw lottery

 sudharsanareddy on Mar 17, 2014
dear sir/mam i'm sudharsana from india.before 4 days i received bmw lottery winning mails. but i dn't participate any compatition. so i want clear detail about this, i hope you can answer soon. ...
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sir I have recieved a email and I want to no if its a scam

 Sylwia Antczak on Feb 9, 2014
Greetings to you and your family as I know you must have least expected this to happen to you at this time of the year.   My name is Tom Crist,  the fortunate  winner of  the $40 million Lotto Max on May 3rd 2013 and I lost my wife Jan  two  years ago February to cancer disease. She has...
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address of foreign remitetence department new delhi branch of RBI

 mary sini on Jan 28, 2014
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Coca cola lottery winner

 Sureshkrish on Dec 20, 2013
sir I received the mail from ' [email protected] <[email protected] ' they intimated that, Recently on the 5th of APRIL, 2013. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, Raghuram Rajan and Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations met with the Senate Tax Committee on...
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i am receiving this type of mail continuously

 tango4567 on Nov 24, 2013
Dear Friend, Please forgive my manner of approach which is rather unorthodox sending you an email rather than calling you over the phone which would have been better but for the confidentiality this transaction requires I to send a message. You can however reach me on this number +1 (765)...
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lottery promotion-bmw company

 Ganeshkumar S on Oct 6, 2013
sir please check the following is related with your rbi bank <[email protected]> please reply to me immediately this id is right or wrong my email id is [email protected]
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Regarding winning prize

 Gurcharan Singh on Oct 1, 2013
I have received a message from No918130753583 on dated 30/09/2013 ob my cell No 09463547412 that your phone has won 3 crore 35 lakh rupees in Cheverolet Car Award Promotion and ask to send me Name,adress,Mob. No edmail Id,occupation on [email protected] , to claim the prize. Please confirm...
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True or false

 ANEESH.MJ on Sep 28, 2013
BMW lottery promation company was true or false.....
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 kiranverma on Sep 11, 2013
sir i have received a message from you that This is to inform you that your Email Address has won you Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds (500,000.00 GBP) in the 2013 BBC PROMO EMAIL AWARD which was organized by BBC One National Lottery. BBC PROMO COMPANY UK collects all the email...
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 sksam53 on Aug 5, 2013
I am confirm some details please clear that [email protected] this mail id for our bank id?...
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 sksam53 on Aug 5, 2013
[email protected] This is for our bank email id?...
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 hassain shareeff on Jul 29, 2013
sir, Trecieved the mail from RBI new delhi. kindly inform me is it true or fake mail Reserve Bank of India (RBI Delhi) Central Office, No, 6 Sansad Marg, Janpath, New Delhi. H.O 110001-India. TELEX: 09748CREDIT/RBI RBI PAYMENT FILE: RBI/ID1033/012. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT / CREDIT...
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 Mariq Popova on Jul 24, 2013
Hi, I got that winning the lottery. Is this true?...
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 Pearl Ammu on Jul 17, 2013
DEAR SIR , two day's before(16-7-13) i got a msg from Chevrolet car company uk . my mobile num has won 3crore 35 lahk rupees . i did not take any lotary , this msg is false or true...
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Regarding call received on mob.

 geetnjali on Jun 28, 2013
dear sir, today morning i'm receive a call from Mumbai numbered +92305... and he told me that i'm won a25 lakh rupees kaun banega carorepati jackpot whom held by kbc group and selected 15 lucky winners and then he give me mr. vijay kumar number 00923045000107 (he's senior manager...
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Need help

 manish b sharma on Jun 26, 2013
Dear sir, i got mail from the UK, that i won a lottery. and they told me to contact RBI but i am confused about the online fake/cheating kind of stuff. so kindly i request you to please help me with this and tell me that this [email protected] site is true or false. and if true then...
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About chevvrolet promouk

 Mehtadheeraj on Jun 18, 2013
Sir i wants to know that how i can send my address on your email c [email protected], . Pls tell me sir...
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i want to know if its true or fake lottery winning.

 Gyaltsen Chodak on Jun 12, 2013
Respected Sir, I am Gyaltsen chodak. I have also received an E-mail on June 11, 2013 from Mr.Ray Collins (ESQ) British Microsoft Award Manager & Fiduciary Agent For Microsoft Lottery Sweepstakes International Programme UK by his E-mail address [email protected], Microsoft National Lottery...
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For Information About BBC Mobile Draw UK

 Vikram Kumar Joshi on Jun 11, 2013
Dear Sir/Mam, I have received below mail from UK.So I want to information about this True or False.Plz do the needful. Thnx & Regards Vikram kumar +91-8447188803 [email protected]
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