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Refund of MBA fees

 sony1008 on Sep 14, 2010
Dear sir, I want to know that if I go to any college to take admission and deposit the fee amount. But if I don't...
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To join Appin or not

 Ashi...a1 on Sep 9, 2010
sir, i had come to know about appin's MBA plan through "Network security".I tried to confirm it through...
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 aravindm88 on Sep 6, 2010
Hi any one knoe about global talent track training institute placement in chennai....
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about training, placements and faculty at central institute for tool design (CITD)

 nishanth.174 on Aug 23, 2010
Please friends i need to know about PG diploma course in VLSI and Embeeded systems. Anyone done in the past please give me...
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reg embedded course

 rajasekar_vv on Aug 22, 2010
I want to join the course Embedded system in fotronichs.They told me that Course fees: Rs 28000, After the three months training...
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 mons on Aug 19, 2010
i want to start my career in networking,iam planning to do protocol testing can u please tell me which institute can i prefer...
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Joining on Dream Infotech, Kodambakkam

 Harini Sanjay on Aug 18, 2010
I am planning to join Dream Infotech, they assured me on placing me in a MNC company with experience certificate, is it a...
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when calling service not alloud message

 prajyot on Aug 14, 2010
today i recharge my card but during recharge there is message is seen that service is not allowed and it continuesly seen...
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no scholership

 ravipandey90 on Aug 12, 2010
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Web Development (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, OOP's) Institute advice needed

 gabs777 on Aug 12, 2010
Hi, I am from Bangalore. I'm looking for good institute where they teach web development really good. Not money oriental...
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 manikandan31 on Aug 7, 2010
How is the placement in testing sciences institute which is residing in nungabakkam,chennai....
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whether said course is recognized

 bhavna bara on Aug 6, 2010
sir, i want to pursue distance learning (EMBA) from ISBM kolkata /DLP department bhilai buisness school. pls tell me if above...
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parcel trecking

 ashokkumar1962 on Aug 4, 2010
my parcel No. is RPB 8763 and it was booked on 30.7.2010. Is there any trecking possible for the parcel booked through post...
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arena naimation kaushambhi helps in getting job which furthers improved my finanacial position

 rasid on Aug 3, 2010
i am rashid of arena animation kaushambhi AAASP student .while doing my course the centre help me to get the job as i wasnt...
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what are good embedded training center at hyderabad

 karthik.koyalkar on Jul 29, 2010
i want to know the best traing center at hyderabad which give training along with palcement assitance at mncs...
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good embedded institues at hyderabad

 karthik.koyalkar on Jul 28, 2010
i want know about the good embedded training institue in hyderabad which give placements...
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training program

 nish_irock on Jul 28, 2010
I have received a mail from Sofcon Indian Pvt Ltd as well as Kilmist Infotech Pvt Ltd for their training and internship courses...
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 rajapriyan on Jul 25, 2010
were to do sap training in which they give placement assistance...
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 PANDE97 on Jul 25, 2010
EXXONMOBIL CORPORATION HUMAN RESOURCE/ESTABLISHMENT Luxembourg Office 1b, Rue Thomas Edison 1019 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of...
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puk code problem

 naresh520 on Jul 24, 2010
Sir i have puk code problem last two days and a ask that can i solve this problem. my sim no.8991559126121875908...
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Rgarding Sending advertisment sms to multiple users of airtel

 rajankhanna on Jul 21, 2010
Sir I have started my institution for which i have to send advertisement add through sms to different users of airtel . So...
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 DEBAYAN on Jul 20, 2010
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how was the training in texas adyar regarding mainframe course?

 gknesh87 on Jul 14, 2010
i would like to join in that institution regarding mainframe .I anybody know about it please tell.Tell your suggestion...
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regarding caution money

 oprajput14 on Jul 10, 2010
my college is charging Rs.500 for alumni and not giving the receipt of the same and also deducting Rs.200 from our caution...
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RVE Technologies

 nijokunjachan on Jul 7, 2010
I would like to know how effective the courses in RVE Technologies...
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