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Foreign exchange transaction in the Bidding Trade in International market

 Gopala Krishna J on Sep 16, 2010
I would like know how payments are made when a person want to trade in the international petrochemical market that means it...
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 yeni on Sep 15, 2010
I get email.., it said I won GBP 1,000,000.00 from BOL Lottery.. I contact the Natwest bank and the bank said if I must...
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 mostafa el gindy on Sep 15, 2010
i want be sure about rev. 105b0439401 name : shereen kamel amin cash : 200000$...
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Non receipt of the Mutual fund certificate till date

 Pankaj Patel 999 on Sep 14, 2010
sir , Folio No. 11589294, magnum Tax gain scheme - growth , Folio No. 10828046 SBI TAF - Series I - Dividend Folio...
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 a.k.shreekanth on Sep 12, 2010
sir i want to ask that is there anybody named mrs reena.g working in rbi delhi in foreign fund transfer department, i got...
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 RAVI KANT KUMAR on Sep 12, 2010
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ECS Return Charges(ECS Hit time regard)

 srinivasanraghupathy on Sep 10, 2010
Dear Sir, I have got the Personal Loan from Fullerton India.I am paying the Loan due on 5th of the every month.Last...
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 rahim2098 on Sep 9, 2010
hi i have email fromHONDA LOTTERY OFFICE: PROF.WILCOX BRUCE that i win this is true...
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payment back

 freddy_leon on Sep 8, 2010
I'm importer i send the payment in U.S to G. holding company before the payment say said I send them copy of the payment...
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non credit of salary in my account

 nawal kishor singh on Sep 8, 2010
I have salery account in axis bank, Mod EXT CTR: Ministry of defecne, Office of JS Training& CAO, Govt.of India, MoD "E"...
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Interest amount fro Loan

 velsankar on Sep 7, 2010
Before 1 month the goverment announced the Education loan interest amounts are fully discounted IS't true or not and...
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UK JacpotEuro Lottery

 Desiree on Sep 6, 2010
Please can you tell me if Luxor PLC Bank Exists in the UK and if Stephanie Edwards is a General Manager....
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 shohreh on Sep 6, 2010
I have recieved following letter from shell petrolium please let me know how much true is this 500,000.00 pound award for...
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i have won honda lottery prize

 irammumtaz on Sep 6, 2010
DEAR, i received this message from Honda company London............. PLEASE TEL ME IT IS TRUE OR NOT? THANKS ...
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Austrillian lottery

 Ghulam Hussain on Sep 6, 2010
I have received on ur side two letters in which ur Netwest bank informed me, that i have won the austrillian lottery worth...
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lost my atm card

 bjplotus on Sep 5, 2010
dear sir i lost my atm card so pls lock my car4d as soon as possible a/c-0587000100362587 costomor no-AW0004775 ...
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information about maintaining and not maintaining minimum balence in sbi sb account

 vali1241 on Sep 3, 2010
sir, i want to know the details for the following cases. if minimum balance is not maintained in my sbi sb account what...
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 7anand.sharma on Sep 2, 2010
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Letter from pandora jewelry

 rizaldogarcia on Sep 1, 2010
I just recieved a letter from pandora jewelry attached below.I would like confirm the whether it true or not. Wednesday,...
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IDBI Flexibonds

 Ali Naushad on Aug 31, 2010
Does IDBI have any particular email id where anyone an enquire about flexibonds redemption etc. Whom to approach if the payment...
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 Renuka J Rele on Aug 31, 2010
i HAVE SENT SPEEDPOST ON 26/08/2010TO Bangalore on26/08/2010 They have not received yet...
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won370.000.00 euro

 N.La cruz on Aug 27, 2010
Hi sr. I have received a message on my phone+59995156816 that I won 370.000.00 from nokia promo and my email: [email protected] please...
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Regarding withdrawal of money in ATM

 punijeev on Aug 27, 2010
Hi, I've an A/C in Indian Bank. How many times I can withdraw money per month freely? Morethan 7times I've withdrawn...
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i won $1.500.000.00

 mohamed sahli on Aug 26, 2010
is it true or fack...
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ez pay card pin number

 urbabu on Aug 26, 2010
sir i forgot my ezpay card(scholorship) pin number, i reported to mumbai main branch and my rural main branch kadapa and...
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