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society fine Rs. 500/-

 kumar.sanjaykumar on Jan 29, 2019
I am staying in corporate society in kalyan. I didn't attendant last AGM meeting. Society fine me RS. 500/- for this. IS society have right for this ???...
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Non circulation of the minutes of AGM to members

 Ganesang on Dec 29, 2017
I am staying in Rosalie LX Cop.Hsg Society, Godrej Hill, Kalyan. The AGM was held in September 2017. However, the minutes were not circulated to all members only displayed in the lobby as per Secretary's version. Is it correct not circulating the minutes of the AGM of the society which...
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Housing Society transfer documents

 gofar on Dec 27, 2017
i have submitted Transfer documents of my flats which was registered along with transfer fee cheque to the society and they have also acknowledged in the AGM minutes about transfer documents received for my flat. After some conspiracy with the seller and society committee members they have...
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 yashwant purohit on Oct 22, 2017
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Drinking water complaint

 Girija Sahu on Aug 5, 2017
What to when action not taken till now. number of ID 1634535 is this. Please guide what we can do now on 20th July complaint: Greetings. Your complaint has been forwarded to Delhi Jal Board customer service. You should receive a reply from the company representatives within several days. Please...
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selling society flat with share certificate

 loknayak on Jun 9, 2017
Sir, I am society member for the last 15 years issued with share certificate and allotment letter. I want to sell the flat through transfer of share certificate at circle rates. Someone advised that you can sell t he flat at the price you paid to the society i.e. Rs.6 lakhs and market price...
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Society Chairman/ Secretary not responded for Building Roof Leakgaes

 Vishvesh2018 on Apr 29, 2017
Dear Sir , I have a Flat at Goa on 5th Floor which is top floor of building . Last Monsoon season , my flat had a leakage problem . My all 3 room have a badly damage due to roof leakage. I made a complaint to society last year but till date no action . Now society pointed fingure to Builder...
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about unicode paid bulk sms

 Velamuri on Apr 5, 2017
I VS Pasada Rao belong with one Telugu Devoational group. For intimation of our programmes about 3 to 4 times in month to our members in Hyderabad though SMS in Telugu (unicode) and in English to about 150 members as bulk sms as paid Services. Is there any such bulk sms facility - paid services...
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Share certificate

 ratneshm on Jan 12, 2016
Hi, Can any one tell me what document required before issuing share certificates. For conveyance is mandatory before issuing certificate, Please help me. Regards, Ratnesh...
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Noice pollution

 mohammadhanif on Sep 8, 2015
Respected sir, Where should i complain for voice pollution by auto riksha owner playing tape loudly and harresh people in city, residentiol areas, office area and station in modasa town, dist. Arvalli, gujarat...
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Problem of cooperative housing society

 Naresh Ghoda on Jul 24, 2015
Sir At present i am a member of dalal apartment co. Operative society situated at dhumketu marg, paldi, ahmedabad 380007. The socety is constructed befor yr. 1980. And registered in the year 1980. Thus the society is more than 35 years old. At presentr. C. C. Work has weakend and demage so...
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Maintenance charge guidelines for society maintenance.

 Nilesh C on May 1, 2015
Is maintenance charge applicable on square feet are? Which items includes in maintenance. How will be service charge to be paid on square feet basis or per flat? Which items includes in service charge. Is service charge and maintenance charge is same or different term....
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What is the step taken for interlinking rivers in india?

 Karthi Nataraj on Mar 12, 2015
Present united progressive alliance government promised that they will interlink rivers now i want to know the status of this project....
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Birth certificate

 sahzadbhel on Nov 29, 2014
My daughter was born in sir ganga ram hospital delhi in june 2012... How can i got her birth certificate from mcd... Is their any limited time to obtain birth certificate or we can obtain any time... Thanks Sahzad...
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Methane projects in tamil nadu

 ashokaldrin on Nov 11, 2014
Who start this project, and who select my greeny agricultural state tamil nadu, which company is doing this project, whether this project is going on with the knowledge of our indian pm g, and tamil nadu cm knowledge...
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poor maintenance of J-11 block parks

 Harjee Singh on Sep 26, 2014
I have registered a compliant in your Mcd consumer compliants then In how many days the compliant would be sovled??...
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Water leakage problem from third floor to second froor

 anilp0012004 on Sep 2, 2014
I Anil kumar yadav living in flat no.c-201 since may 2005. We are facing water leakage problem from flat no. c-301 last two month. This problem occurred last four year. Every time repair & solve for few month but this time not solve. Water drop spared all over passage & hall area. We...
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for govt.

 tarunr555 on Aug 24, 2014
hamare desh me itana corruption kyu h...
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Can a register Housing Society accept maintenance cheque given by third person on behalf of original members

 govekarsanjay1267 on Jul 22, 2014
Can a register Housing Society accept maintenance cheque given by third person on behalf of original members...
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redevlopment of old society

 Shivali App on Mar 26, 2014
we stay in co operative housing society in ahmedabad. our society building is 33 to 35 years old and now we are going for redevlopment but out of 40 members, 7 to 8 members are now not interested for redevlopment. Majority of members are ready for redevlopment. So, can we make redevlopment...
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Can a tenant question the association req the maintenance issue

 Sait on Feb 5, 2014
i am a tenant @ Bangalore - office building, i am paying rent to the owner and maintenance to the association and have receipt in my name, now when i find the maintenance is very poor ( no proper security guard, they are physically challenged, no of guards less, no proper management, my parking...
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Pratha Foundation | Child welfare Non Government Organization

 Acre Bazaar on Jan 3, 2014
Pratha foundation is a voluntary organization (VO), Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), nonprofit charity created by like minded people who are up to making a difference in the society by working for the holistic development of poorer communities focusing on care for elderly, destitute women...
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housing society

 vaishnav h r on Dec 26, 2013
what is the maximum time given to elected members to resume office / occupy office and file form M 20?...
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who is listening to our complaints?

 ramver on Oct 16, 2013
Where are the complaints being addressed? What has been done by you on addressing the complaints? What is their current status? Tell me before I can file one...
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 akshita21 on Sep 21, 2013
Dear Sir/Madam ,i have to ask that"any person can hire a complaint without any solid reason or if he/she is giving reason which is just a story made by them" then what actions you take for that person?...
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