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delivery details

 akshay sundaresh on May 10, 2019
we have no idea , the delivery service pay fees or no fees. how will delivery comes....
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Stray Cats

 [email protected] on Dec 24, 2017
Do you help in catching Stray Cats ?...
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complaints against stray dogs

 mani04 on Sep 27, 2017
complaint against stray dogs...
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Treet dogs issue in jawaharnagar, hyderabad

 prasanna4299 on Aug 3, 2016
I raised a complaint regarding street dogs problem but noting action took regarding this and the status is changed to resolved. How you people can do this. The dogs are sleeping in the center of the road and we can't use the road because of the street dogs. Please take immediate action...
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Stray dogs and pigs menace

 katukam on Oct 27, 2015
We are the residents Chandra Nagar, Old Alwal, Secunderbad 500010. There are many stray dogs and pigs in our colony, residents are facing much disturbance with these dogs and pigs. People are scared to go out in the evenings and early mornings. They shout loud, cry and don't allow us to...
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Dog's licence

 appu2711 on Oct 3, 2015
Hello i own a dog and want a license for him please if you can mail me the process at [email protected]
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To, mcd, dwarka - 110075

 romell john on Sep 30, 2015
One day before some mcd people toke a stray dog which gives importance to many people here, some people said they dont like it because he takes things from dustbin and makes place dirty, are we humans so rest-full that for are comfortability we can get a life killed by mcd of dwarka. So my question...
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What do they do with the caught stray dogs?

 Piruthvi Chendur on Feb 9, 2015
I have recently adopted a street dog (Not an older one) and been feeding it for the past few weeks. I had to go out of town with my family for a few days, so rather than locking it up inside the house, i left it out so that it can help itself with the food. I also asked my area watchman to feed...
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registration of my pet dog

 tul on Mar 11, 2014
where can i get my pet dog registered with mcd? i live in vasndhara enclave delhi 96....
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MCD dog care centre

 gahlotlatika on Oct 18, 2012
KIndly send me the phone number and email id of helpline for stray dogs by MCD...
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Poultry farming in Residential area. Complaint No for Coimbatore, TN needed

 prakashcbe on Oct 11, 2012
In our locality there are currently 200 families residing. There is a neighbour who keeps poultry farming in his upper stilt of his house. We also informed him not to keep poultry in a residential area but in vain. We have given complaints to the local panchayat leader and president. We could...
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rao bilal coke price winner

 raobilalkarim on May 19, 2012
i got sms from coke how can i claim my price fr them please can any body guide me//...
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To catch dog

 kanagadurga on Jun 11, 2011
Sir/ Madam, we are staying in kolathur . we have one dog it gives us lots of disturbances . pls catch the dog. my address is as follows plot no 1413,21 street, poombuhar nagar, kolathur, chennai-99 please do immediate action Durga9884111208...
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how to remove my account from your site

 sensational001 on Apr 23, 2011
i have registered on your site and now i want to quit. Please suggest how to cancel my account from your site....
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 ashutoshmehrotra on Mar 24, 2011
Hi, Please let me know how i can take my complain back, as the issue is resolved form Mumbai kennel and the complain on the web is disturbing there business. I want to help them. Regards Ashutosh Mehrotra 8800460062...
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ramel group of company is secured or not ?

 debabrata1978 on Dec 10, 2010
I want to invest in ramel group of company through purchasing their bond, is this secured or not ?...
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Is Rabbit Farming MLM trustable?

 Aadarsh0061 on Sep 8, 2010
I am planning to start a Rabbit farm. I have gone thorugh few websites which offer Rabbit farm business. They say that I have to purchase Rabbits from them initially and then they will purchase rabbits( baby) after 2 months in buy back agreement. My question is what if they close their business...
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Need To Issue a Duplicate Passport

 Sanjay K on Aug 22, 2010
Respected Sir /Madam I need To change my Passport. Reason is this passport is very Old in 1999-2000. this has written manully and all words is not vesible to even validty date . give suggestion what i will do . and how much charges they took form me to issue...
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MDC dog catching units

 Gaurav1985 on Jul 20, 2010
my name is gaurav i stay in UK my wife stays in delhi and we had a pet she set him free today in the noon wothout a belt, the dog catching unit came and thought its a street dog and took kindly give me the number from where i can find my pet, i will be very kindful please i want to search...
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