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Birth certificate

 pa055077 on Aug 19, 2015
My child birth is 16/06/2008 and i got his birth certificate from south delhi, mcd office, and his name mentioned in birth certificate is navneet, but we add my surname with his name i;e arya. The new name is navneet arya, What is process and how much time spent in this. With warm regards, Paramvir...
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Unhygienic condition prevailing by the buffaloes in our neighbourhood.

 Rajkmar PK on Aug 19, 2015
Dear sir, we are the residential of mata mandir road, block-p, gali no. 3, (Behind durga park mcd community hall) dayal park, sagarpur west, new delhi-46, let me draw your attention to the unhygienic condition prevailing by the buffaloes in our neighbourhood, which need the immediate attention...
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Complaint against neighbourhood

 tarun.luthra92 on Aug 11, 2015
Where to complaint against my neighbourhood for not having their water harvestin water pipeline to the ground & discharging the rain water onto the main road...
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Customs duty

 sunilk604 on Aug 11, 2015
Sir, i had ordered some motorcycle parts worth usd107 and also paid shipping and handling charges of usd 63. My query is will the duty be charged only on the product purchase value ie usd 107 or the duty will be charged on the total ie usd 107+usd 63= usd 170 I was charged a duty of 42%...
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Tamilnadu electricity board (Tneb) - removing someone else meter box from my plot

 Jaidee on Aug 10, 2015
Dear readers, I bought a plot with very old house (Already demolished by seller) 1 year ago. There is a electric meter box with live connection used by a neighbor house. They are not removing their meter box from my plot. I have been requesting them for the past 1 year and am helpless now...
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Birth certificate verification

 arun madan on Aug 7, 2015
Respected sir/madam, I have the birth certificate of my daughter from mcd and want to check all details are correct there. The no. Is na - 316054 Registration no. Is 189 issued from narela zone mcd office. My email address is [email protected] Best regards Arun madaan...
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Ration card

 sathya_kumar on Aug 4, 2015
Sir, Pl hear my problem help me how to get my new rationcard at early. Pl guide me what should i do now? Thanks Sathyakumar Reply me on this mail id [email protected] Manu number : l.36 Manu received date : 06/02/2014 Answer reply date : uvllur neekkal Your complaint...
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I do not any hard copies of call statement

 Shoni_ on Jul 24, 2015
Pl. Do not send any hard copies of call statement on my residence rather send it on my email id give pl and also i want content of delivery post received by courier dated july 24 2015. Of cell no 9390090058...
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Want info of call statements

 Shoni_ on Jul 24, 2015
Of cell no 9912965882 can youmail me on [email protected]
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Ladli scheme maturity claim - delhi

 Jatin.Khanduja on Jul 21, 2015
I want to know about the procedure to claim amount under ladli scheme. Can applicant get the claim even if the girl hasn't attended class x but has attained 18 years?...
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Passport police verification failed..

 nitin46 on Jul 16, 2015
Hi sir, I applied for fresh passport and my appointment date 08/05/2015 in psk bareilly. I have also done the police verification. My police verification failed. I do not know, why my police verification fail. I went to passport for knowing reason of my passport is ready or not. So please...
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 ms1581 on Jun 28, 2015
Can i right to got information by helplines or e-mail addresses provide by governments sectors or private sectors?...
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Call details

 Anilkalliyoor on Jun 16, 2015
My phone no is 9447271108 bsnl Can i get the call details fron 1-6-2015 to 15-6-2015 My email. [email protected]
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Cleaness in street

 PREM NARAYAN 1033 on Jun 14, 2015
I live in katra gokul shah bazaar sita ram delhi. At the entrance of my street is a toilet which spoils the whole street. The dirt around it is illtorelable and even not one person can walk comfortably in the street without looking its feet. I want this toilet too be removed as quick as possible Where...
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Cleanliness in street

 PREM NARAYAN 1033 on Jun 14, 2015
I live in katra gokul shah bazaar sita ram delhi. At the entrance of my street is a toilet which spoils the whole street. The dirt around it is illtorelable and even not one person can walk comfortably in the street without looking its feet. I want this toilet too be removed as quick as possible Where...
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What i do

 sunilfire101 on Jun 6, 2015
Respected sir, My father (Retired from fire service) & mother lives in paithan after retirement of my father, but one ladies give them harassment & mental pressure for foolish reason. Actually her husband went some where & she telling everybody that, my parents behind he's...
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Birth certificate

 devs7 on Jun 5, 2015
I want to know the actual birth time of my birth day is it possible? The year is 1962 please help me...
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Plantation program in vadodara

 HK Patel on Jun 5, 2015
Its a world environment day — is there any plantation program organized in vadodara today by corporation? I want to participate if it is there....
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Passport cancellation

 richaranjan on Jun 3, 2015
I recently found that my years old passport application which i lost track of is still alive. Now i am looking to re-apply and wish to terminate the old application. I cannot find any info on how to do this. Old passport application is gzba05349511 and was applied from ghaziabad. I tried calling...
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Crated/package. Let me know if this is reall? So i can mail m. Y fee and letter alng with my permit to deliver...

 gurl timid on May 27, 2015
I got m. Y letter in the. Mail saying, i have a permit to deliver. How do i beleive this is true, so im sending my fee and permit back to the netherlands. Please be true to me....
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Illegal construction in municipal area

 DIJS on May 25, 2015
Dear sir, i live in barasat, here so many multi-storey building are under construction by getting prior approval from local municipal authority but during construction many developers are not following the sanctioned authorise plan but they encroching more area than the original sanctioned area...
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Requirement of roll number

 chinna143 on May 17, 2015
Sir, i lost my hall ticket number i. E roll number. How will i get? My reg. Number is 1381303138...
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Clarification on c. C. Deposit in tneb

 power2015 on May 7, 2015
Dear sir, I am one of tenant of six portions. During 2013, i had paid cc deposit. Again, as per tneb bill, the house owner is asking c. C. Deposit along with electricity bill. I have some questions in this regard. I request to kindly clarify the same at the earliest please.:- (A) who would...
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I want to know about garden truck company, quebec

 Sukhminder Kalsi on May 4, 2015
Yesterday, i got a job offer from garden truck company, quebec, canada. I want to know about this company's trustworthiness. Is this a real company of a fake. My contact no is +91-9115022412...
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Information about a company

 manu m pillai on Apr 30, 2015
Sir, I have got interview call letter from csm resources. I want to conform that wheather there is a company named csm. My id is [email protected] Address of the company is given below ; C. S. M resources 26 periyasamy buildings Big bazaar street Pattukkottai-614601 Tanjore...
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