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idea details

 babloo.mehra on Apr 24, 2011
hello sir my name is babloo mehra .mei ek number ke bre mei details chaiye vo mujhe kafi preshan kar rakha hai so plzzzz provide...
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for searching someone on his name

 coolyash on Apr 19, 2011
how can i find someone in parbhani dist . on his name...
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tutions at home

 priti trivedi on Apr 18, 2011
i stay in miraroad my neighbour is not alowing to take the tutions in my home n he dosnt allow me to keep a single shoes out...
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pls help me

 Neena Vasudev on Apr 10, 2011
Respected sir My self Neena actually my husband will drink daily & he is very roud always with us .He only think about...
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 oumer on Apr 1, 2011
I have recived a congratulation sms that celeberate i won 2011 coca-cola live mobile prize lottery of ,1000,000,000 pound. is...
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 nsson24 on Mar 27, 2011
"Dear Customer, the activation request for UNOTAF has been accepted.Post activation you will be receiving a confirmatory...
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Regarding Present Market Value of LIC Market Plus Tableno- 181

 Kumar Ashwajeet Govinda on Feb 21, 2011
Sir, My Mother takes LIC Market Plus Table no. 181 Policy no 514736169 on 22/09/2006, for Rs. 10,000. Kindly inform me present...
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Need my call details

 Krishna Parikh on Feb 11, 2011
Dear Sir, I m Abhishek Singh from Sultanpur, U.P. My no is lost and want call details of the same from 20.10.2011 till...
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Non organised sector complaint

 ineedhelp on Feb 11, 2011
I had invested some money in a type of easy income company. But later I found out that they were fraudelent. But I have already...
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 SURE3QRD on Feb 11, 2011
Date - 11/02/2011 water is leajking in to my flat from the top floor. The owner of the top floor flat is not ready to repair...
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Renting premises by neighbour to Commercial juice shop

 ramyakamesh on Feb 9, 2011
We live on the main road in Besant Nagar Chennai. Our neighbour has let out hisd premises to a juice shop called "Fruit...
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unauthorised factory in residential area

 gard1672 on Feb 8, 2011
Can a small scale industry be set up in a residential area...
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abusing language

 click321 on Feb 4, 2011
i'm an indian i come across people calling each other by behenchod. one day it happened to me also when my colleague...
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air pollution spread by neighbours

 isha_8807 on Dec 17, 2010
Hello sir, I am residing in Bhajanpura, Delhi. My neighbors use chulas for boiling water and cooking food which is run...
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coco cola fifa2010 award

 luckylaxa on Dec 3, 2010
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Neighbours extending common wall without consent

 A.C on Dec 1, 2010
Hi, I am a resident of W-22, Uppal's southend, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Haryana. My new neighbours keep extending the height...
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my family

 rowan on Nov 17, 2010
my name is siddharth live in ahmedabad gujrat , last year i got marrieg all is well about my wife but my family members didnt...
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Forum for lodging complaints on neighbours

 troubled resident on Oct 18, 2010
Is there a special forum for redressal of grievances with neighbors in residential apartments/colonies? I am looking specifically...
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Provident fund

 Wagh Harish on Oct 7, 2010
I want to know the process for getting Provident Fund online....
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Delete of Complaint

 Modinagar on Oct 4, 2010
Please inform how it can be got deleted?...
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earning money

 kusumasrikanth on Sep 26, 2010
I'm doin my 2nd yr ..interested in learnin due 2 my personal probs i cant get through it, i...
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me and my husband

 hinaberi on Sep 21, 2010
do u really help. i have problem in my relation...
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spymobile devices

 zacharia karanja on Sep 10, 2010
Are this devices really true or l be may conned my money through websites,coz some are telling that that devices after buying...
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some iron powder and raw material in the condom

 lraju777 on Aug 30, 2010
I found some iron poeder and raw material in the condom on 28th Aug 2010, the product from Kamasutra and i have all the proofs...
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