sir , I am working in KSA, Dammam. A consultant in surgical speciality. I PURCHASED TICKET in AIR INDIA EXPRESS From DAMMAM TO COCHIN on 4th of june 2012 and return on 13 of July 2012 for travel with my wife IN INDIA for a very important function. I was asked to purchase Ticket from AIR INDIA OFFICE in AL KHOBAR,EASTERN PROVINCE OF Saudi Arabia. Few days before travel ie.on 27 MAY they informed me the flight to cochin is canceelled . Immediately I reported to the Air India Office and requested for the cancellation of round the trip ,so that I may resume to someother flights.The staff in office objected to my request and told me they will provide another long root via Delhi to Cochin and issued the ticket . But Regarding the Return they had no promise. Since my date of return was on 13 of July 2012, and my visa finish on the same day I was not in a position to take a risk while return . so I requested the Air India Office Authorities to Provide me an alternative for return or just cancell the return ticket alone .I must mention here that i verified with the air line authorities in cochin about the possibility of getting a return flight in time before the expiry of my Visa. At this juncture , the officer in charge of AIR India express objected cancellation of Return Ticket alone. He asked for full cancellation . Later I understood his intention was maloicious that he do not want me to travel in any flight during this season.This was too cruel to a passenger and to a senior citizens of India like me and my wife. They cancelled my entire Ticket and sent us out with out giving any document of cancellation. The charges we paid towards ticket fair was agreed to repay from their office immediately but was not done. We were asked to enquir daily to find out whether the balance saudi Riyals were arrived from Bomay Head Office. until now the refund is not given to us. We were not able to get ticket in any other Air lines. I could not participate in the promised function at home which was defamatory to my reputation. The physical and mental torture we sustained, because of travelling from DAMMAM to KHOBAR, a distance of almost 50 kM 'S in the hot wheather besides the humiliating experiences in their office I wish to file a damage suit against AIR INDIA Express. The strike was not an unforseen instance or natural calamity. Responsible officers who absorb attractive remuneration from the public fund shows negligence aginst general public and passengers in person excedes the limits of humanism. Pleas give me proper advise how to procede in this case. I WISH TO RAISE THIS ISSUE BEFORE THE CONSUMER COURT. Please help me. DR.GEORGE VARGHESE .E-MAIL [protected] Dated[protected], dammam.ksa.
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