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Address of Chief vigilance office of SBI

 SARVESH KUMAR71 on Oct 7, 2010
because i say that i withdraw the Rs. 5000/- cash on 29.08.10at 16.02 hrs by ATM ID no. S1AN00639302, TXN No. 7763 amount detect my A/C No. 30886900667 but I did not receive mony. we had complain lodge on 29.08.10 to "Manager, SBI, Railway station , Mughalsarai, U.P. I am permanent customer on this bank. Mamager told me your matter sent to mumbai for updation and your amount approximat one month sent by ATM HQ in my account. but today 05.10.10 Bank manager reciept givin to me your transaction is successful and excess of Rs. 5000/- not found on 31.08.10 , I may be saved from this mental harassment because this amount really matters a lot to me. Kindly this matter sortout urgently. I am highly obliged forever
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me md Asrafullah work in Bsf, having paramilitary salary package account at sbi, branch Blurghat.south Dinajpur, (w.b), a/c no.31507937083.During my leave at my home on dated 04/02/2011 i tried to withdraw Rs.20000 two times from sbi atm of main branch of gajipur(U.P), code-0080, but neither i get money nor slip.Third time i check my account balance, it showed Rs 40000 deducted from account.I approached to concern ATM officer of that branch Mr.Chhakkan lal, who gave a form and endorsed my signature and assured me that money will be deposited in my account within 25 days, but it didn't happen.after stipulated time i again approached him, he reluctantly reply, u have withdraw ammount, your money is not here, u can approached to your branch office where actually your account exist.The way he replied & his action was quite suspicious, however.I further approached to my branch manager of sbi Balurghat, he gave me help line no.I lodge an complain on that no.AT-201240108-AT201240083, they assured me that within 12 days i will get money.but unfortunately it didn't happen, I m running from pillar to post with mental trauma.I am deploy on the Indo-Bangladesh border, where working condition is very tough& hectic.please help this Borderman sir.
Asking for bribes by SBI Junior officer

I am Joshi working in Mumbai Port Trust. I am a customer of SBI, Fort Market branch, Mumbai. Of late I find the lower level officers of that branch demanding bribes either in cash or kind. Especially, there is one junior officer by name Chitra Bhashyam who is very rude to customers. She is always found chatting with men in front of customers and never cares about wasting the valuable time of customers. Recently, I had been to the branch to make some enquiries about the various deposit rates and schemes available, she bluntly refused to even listen to me . She openly demanded that she will attend to me only if I give her dry fruits/sweets/ mangoes/ . I have never seen the customer service scoop to such a low level in SBI. No wonder SBI's profit has fallen steeply due to such dedicated staff who want to enrich at the cost of the bank. I request you Sir, to take stern action against her. Nothing can be proved because the bribe requested is always in kind and she can always deny and pose that such items have been given to her out of affection and love of customers towards her. She lacks decency and minimum manners as to how she should behave with customers. My request to you Sir, Please ensure that first of all she be trained as to how to behave with customers and how to behave office etiqqite. I request you Sir, to please take appropriate immediate action against her otherwise the image of SBI will be spoilt due to officers/staff members like her.
I, Mr. Urlam Venkataramana S/O late Buchibabu, resident of Narasannapeta, Srikakulam Dist, took loan for my Tyre Retrading Industry Rs. 2 lacks on May 2004, which was recommanded by Mr. Sadasivuni Mohan Rao,
Scale 2 Officer, in Visakhapatnam SBI Seethammadhara Branch at that time, May 2004. Mr. Mohan Rao Sadasivuni, influenced Narasannapeta Branch Manager, Field Officer to take the entire amount in the form of D.D on his name i.e., Sadasivuni Mohan Rao, deposited in his A/c 110288102219 / or 01556010193 on 24th May 2004. Mr. Sadasivunin Mohan Rao, Scale 2 officer in Yelamanchili or Etikoppaka BRACH IN VISAKHAPATNAM DISTRICT. Mr Mohan Rao. Banglore Cell No.09483860616.
State Bank of India Nararasannapeta Branch Manager insisted for loan repayment and herassed me like anything, Mr. Sadasivuni Mohan Rao, is no.1 Currpted person, he used take bribes from Loan Borrowers, he is having number of properties in Srikakulam Vishakhapatnam, Banglore City. took VRS. HE maintained second Family setup in Narasannapeta who is working 4th Class Employee in Narasannapeta SBI Branch by Mrs .Shakuntala, still she is working there, her Land LineiN o. 08942-276485.Please take nessary action against him failingwhich, I will forced fproceed leagally and inform to The S.P Cental Beaurea of Invesigation Depatment . Thanking you Sir,
Very Respectfully yours,
Mr. Urlam Venkataramana,
Kotta kovila Veedhi,
The Branch Manager,
State Bank of India.
Vasundhara Branch, Lucknow

Sub :- Cash not dispensed from ATM withdrawal from Allahabad Bank in Kanpur Civil Lines on 30.12.2011

SBI Complaint Ticket Number Reference CC-1326105715060 Dt.09.01.2012, CC-1327645151000 Dt.27.01.2012 and CC-1328003814240 Dt.31.01.2012

Respected Madam,

This has reference to ATM withdrawal from Allahabad Bank ATM Civil Lines Kanpur for Rs.2000/- on 30.12.2011 (AS PER TRANSACTION SLIP OF A/C STATEMENT OF SBI ATM WDL-ATM 13641 ALLAHABAD BANK LTD UTTAR PR INDIA).

In this regard, letter has been written to your branch on 12.01.2012.

On 01.02.2012 the phto copy of the same letter with the details of SBI complaint ticket number was handed over to your branch officials.

On 06.02.2012 with the personal visit to your brancch and the matter was discussed with your branch officials.

On 10.02.2012 the same things was discussed with your branch.

In this regard all the information was send to you, but no reply has yet been made from your end.

But amount has not yet been credited in my account as on date. You may please take necessary action for credited the same as earliest as possible.

This is for your information and necessary action please at your end.

Thanking you,

CA Sudhamoy Bhattacharya.
A/c No. 11138920555
Mob No 9450916453
Dear Sir,
This is a matter of regret that online- customer care of State Bank of India could not redress my grievance. It is more distressing when the same information is repeatedly sought. This shows the time pass intention of the authority.
Details of my case, as follows:-
I used my ATM card issued by State Bank of India, Mirjanhat Branch, Bhagalpur, Bihar, against A/C no.30101462606, in Union Bank of India ATM for Rs. 5000/= but I got eight notes of five hundred denomination each and six notes of one hundred denomination each. In this way I got Rs. 4600/= only on 3rd April 2011. I lodged a complaint on phone and I was given Ticket no.AT42921477444, on 16/5/2011. I was informed that "The complaint with TicketNo.AT42921477444 is->closed". Bank branch also lodged a complaint with ticket no. AT42922989780 but could not be of any use.I again sent a written complaint to on 29/01/2012 and then to complaint.home I got complaint Ticket Now the started collecting information repeatedly for same and till date we have not get my grievance redressed.

I, therefore, request you to kindly redress my grievance and credit my lost Rs.400/= in my a/c.
Thanking You.

Sincerely yours
Arjun Prasad Dubey
A/C No.-30101462606
The concerned SBI Management,

Some one has been misused my ATM - HDFC bank card. The fellow has withdrawn money from my account using my card making duplicate & PIN no also from your SBI ATM counter, SBI MUKUNDAPUR - MIDNAPORE, west Bengal on 31/10/2012, Rs 3500/- when I was at Kolkata and never visited Midnapore and the card has been used by me on same day what is original at Kolkata Apollo hospital twice.

I had informed my HDFC bank to find out the bank & branch of outlet ATM counters and also to send the video footage from concerned bank's CCN camera fitted everywhere.

They were able only to provide me the bank name & ATM counter address what have mentioned above but for video footage for legal cause (as it has been used in other bank, apart from HDFC ) they couldn't as per Indian system.

So. before going to police i would like to request you if you can give me the video footage I will be highly obliged to you.

Please don't hesitate to ask me more if you are required to the help for me.

With regds,

Santanu B.
Iwould like to bring to your kind notice that I am owning 1 acre 28 cents ofagricultural land at Poolathoor village, Kodaikanal Taluk. I am cultivating coffee, orange, hill bananaetc in the said land. I purchased this land in 1990 from Vellaiammal of Poolathoorvillage and it bears the survey number: 672 and I was issued a patta on thesaid land in 1994 and it bears the number……… However, the adjacent land measuring approximately three acres bearingthe survey number: 675 was purchased by Smt. Renukadevi W/o A.R.Gokulakrishnanin 2010 from Smt.Vellaimmal and Renukadevi obtained a patta number 1068. However, to my utter shock, when I gotcomputer chitta extract issued in 2013 & 2014 for the purpose of gettingthe drought assistance from the government, I noticed that patta of landbearing the survey number: 672 has been transferred illegally without myknowledge to the name of A.R.Gokulakrishnan. The said patta name transfer hasbeen done illegally through forging of documents by A.R.Gokulakrishnan inconnivance with revenue department officials. I reliably learnt that based onthe computer chitta extract issued corresponding to Survey Number: 672, A.R.Gokulakrishnan has mortgaged the land documents pertaining to surveynumber: 672 and obtained crop loan for the cultivation of coffee from the StateBank of India, Kodaikanal illegally through manipulation and forging ofdocuments. I have lodged a police complaint in this regard at Thandikudi PoliceStation, Kodaikanal Taluk on 28.05.2014. When I requested officials of SBI, kodaikanal, to give clearance certificate corrsponding to S.No;672, they are refusing to provide the same and hiding all the facts. Regards, K.Natarajan, 9578830736

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