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action against the bad builder.

 Avantikatingu on Jun 9, 2012
IIn 2003 my then bachelor husband booked on flat in CORONET GREENS APT. in bangalore. It was the last flat of complex when he booked along with his friends and it is in ground husband got loan sanctioned from bank and had an year later builder added one floor to it then my husband showed interest in top floor and asked if he can shift to one of the flat in top floor. Orally builder agreed for that telling loan will be shifted to that. My husband got relocated to USA during this time in abroad he got call from bank for paying EMI which is already 6 months due. So immediately my husband asked for paperwork(which happened by post) and started paying EMI (around sept 2007). we had to abruptly come back from USA then we come to know that the additional top floor has no approval and its illegal. we tried to register the one we have agreement but builder did not agree. since I was paying emi and rent at the same time so i literally pushed him to either pay my rent/emi/or give me a place to live. Then he gave me one house in top floor(illegal one) of same apartment complex which i am staying since jan 2010 which i don't have a single paperwork or any paper agreement. one of the main reason to move in the same complex was to keep an eye on the flat i had booked which i knew he wanted to give to third person. last month i inquired in in registrar office and found its been not registered in any bodies name. but recently he has done many wrong thing with agreement holders/or registering it in his own name, he has got the flat booked by third party ,registered in landowners name so situation has turned really worse now. builder has stop picking calls, not showing up in fixed meeting. either there is false promise from his side or zero response from his side. When I started visiting his office , I met many businessmen who have supplied him raw materials and has been waiting for years for their payments. Some has loaned him in lakhs and has to run behind the builder to get their money back. He is such a Conn person that he has made every bodies life hell who come across him, and is continuing to do it. I strongly feel this person belongs to jail, the more he continue to stay in civil society the more harm he will do to gentle people. I feel he has connections in police too otherwise he should have been in jail. He is a wordsmith with a great convincing power who has been fooling people for years. I want to know what options I have against him to get my flat and how should I go about it?
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