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about x -attack fitness progame

 rakesh_007 on Jul 8, 2010
am heard abt X-attack for reducing weight loose,but i dont about this one ,if ther is any complaints is ther plz reply me... Is it possible to reduce weight though cds and diet control
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Hi its 7 n half month ago i bought their program ...theyr the same ones from New delhi rite ?
I have used it and seriouly go for it gave mi veryyy veryyy good results my entire body, looks and peronality ha changed i thank the day i decided to buy this wonderful program so cheap and yet ooo effective . Its not very popular yet but its very effective...! I have no complaints im quite happy and the best part izz dat i have not gained my weight back :) . Cheers to X attack for changing my life .
hi, how many days did it take u to lose weight..? is the company reliable..?
my first weight loss waz 5 kgs in 25 days n then by the end of the program lost 18.3kgs !!! sry for the late reply
Hi Shilpi is it reliable as i have tried many diet programs but gained more weight because of irregular working hours.What is it all about? Please do reply.
Hi Shilpi,
Can you please give more information about X attack.. I am going to purchse the same.

Thanks, Sun
hay can u guys tell me where is X ATTACK office in hyderabad...plz reply...

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