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 smriti kashvi on Mar 21, 2013
i want to take subscription from nifty millionaire club,they are charging 11500/- for 18 months..they deal with nifty future and promising to teach about share markating and they will make me a successful fund manager... can u tell me please how true are they.i want know this club is fraud or it is right....
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dont go for it its a fraud company
fruad company
sorry its multimillionaire . not niftymillionaire.
smriti kashvi please delete my answers
Can you give me Mrs. Smriti Kashav's cell no or email-id?
Definitely fraud company. No body knows who is the promoter, their address only available person is Thakkar whose mobile no 09323870789 022 30987899. Dont waste your money. I advise stay away from the stock market or if you want to trade, trade only blue chips companies . Don't do any day trading and don't enroll paid tips.
Niftymillionaire company said to be fund managers for big big mutual funds and managers for leading banks where they say they trade only in nifty future in stock market. They dont have any transparancy in their business. When we ask for trial they will refuse and insist money in advance. This is fraud company. Dont enroll with this company.
Dear Geetha.sastry

We found you have given false information during our conversations. We expect fair business and do daily basis. But for us customer service is most priority and satisfaction. We would like to tell you few things that can help you in your trading.

1) be practical and honest with your trading.
2) Develop patience with Results.
3) there is no jackpot or sure thing in any business.
4) Don't be greedy and fearful. Take proper education before trade n‎ot after.
5) Take business man approach‎ when you trade not gamblers.
6) we have always made communication clear. We don't believe in giving false communication. Thats why you always heard same thing what we communicate.

We expect that due to greediness and gambler approach in your trading had given you huge loss in ur personal trading. Don't do it, please refer webinar on Niftymillionaire website. There is nothing magic in this market what you expect. Nothing can change overnight. Thanks for giving us opportunity to serve. Sorry if we have done any mistake.

Here we dont have your contact no and this mail id is also not ragister with us.

Please give us contact detailed so we contact you
no its totally waste of your time, dont do this, nothing ask to join
This is prateek patel new venture
after failing scaming in goadvisory, orkuts, and other companys this is the new one
Firstly we see that this comment has been put here from USA and it seems fake. Secondly if any scam has been done on your account, why do not you put full detail here along with membership no., Period of service, original contract notes and other documented proof you must be having to support the allegations mentioned here by you. Just saying someone has done scam does not proof your point. Thirdly, he has always revealed his identity as his name and photographs are posted on the website.
In fact to bring the transparency in trading industry, we have started putting real contract notes of our client on our website. you can check it here - You can also see video testimonials from different corners of India. To see that click -
Niftymillionaire is the best company in Trading Marketing I also Research on Online and I found this is the One of the Most trusted Company for Trading Market.
Sir Abhishek Raaman and Pankaj Kamaliya I won't to work with your Company. My name is Inzamam Rathod and I have done my BCA Graduate from HNGU University, Patan and Now I starting study in MBA in Marketing From IGNOU. I am leaving in Ahmedabad, Gujarat from 1 year. I won't some experience in Field Work and I interested for work within your Company. Please Contact me if any vacancies in your Company. I also given interview to Jay Sir at Ahmedabad on 21-August-2016 . Please sir I really wanted for work with your company and give you my best. Please select me for Job and call me on my mobile number +919033275056
Nifty Millionaire is a BIG BIG fraud company.

i joined their services in January 2016, but till Sept, they gave only 2 calls - both went in loss. NEVER EVER BUY THEIR SERVICES!!!

They are not even ready to give my refund of Rs. 13500. They say they do not have policy for refund. Means no service and no refund.

Mr. Jay is also a BIG BIG cheater. Never ever join this company for stock trading/investment.
Hi amitsareen,

Whatever information you have provided here about 2 calls and both of them going wrong is correct. Though actual numbers of trade are more where we also had one Profit making trade and one cost-to-cost trade exits but let’s not get into that.

My simple question to you is - How does that prove us Fraud?

Whatever trades we have done, whether we booked profit or made losses, all of them along with their Contract Notes have been shown clearly on our website along with and we never made any promise to you about any fixed number of traders in a particular span of time. Hence your charges are baseless. Still if you think we are fraud, why don't you put here some real proof against your claim about us?

Talking about your refund, in case if we committed you something and have not fulfilled then let us knows and we will refund your money. Yes, don't just say it, prove it with some factual data like emails, sms, paper proof, etc.

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