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Why did industrialists and christians remained silent on Anna Hazare Movement?t

 Ignetius Loyola on Aug 30, 2011
Dear All, I am small scale enterpreneur conducting training in fire & safety, Export import Management, Hardware & Networking and Professional english classes at my Training centre Andheri East, Mumbai. I being a christian and true believer in the teachings of Christ have a specific question to make WHY DID THE INDUSTRIALISTS AND CHRISTIANS REMAINED SILENT ON ALL THE 12 DAYS OF ANNA HAZARE'S MOVEMENT AGAINST CORRUPTION? I, my wife and son wacthed and prayed most of the time for the success of this movement with terrible anxiety . We sent SMS and took part in the rally and even undertook some fasting for the success of it. but we were greatly surprised at the christian community and our leaders in the church who kept a pin drop silence about it. not even a prayer made in the chrches , not even a priest or anun came forward to stand by the basic cause for which a 74 year old true follower of Christ went on a hunger strike following His precepts of non violence and forgivenss! Same was the scene and resonse from the industrialists and our international cricket team to whom the Indians shower praises for their great feats! shame on them for not standing by the common man who suffer and die because of corruption and injustice for every step in this country. May the God give them some common sense! Loyola Institute
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SIR we all knew that greed industralists are the main reason for the corruption to raise to this level. we may also see this has grown this level only after the liberlisation of the economy.these scams raise in black money is vely large after this liberalisation. if any stronge action is taken or initiated these people andpolititions will rank first. in my opnion the corporate coruption has to be crubbed very seriously,

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