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Unfair practices by HDFC std.Life

 Gopalakrishnan. on Sep 20, 2012
The Insurance company is of the practice of selling some units in the Unit Linked pension plans[Growth Fund] towards miscellaneous charges without informing the assured properly the number of units sold and the amount realised there upon.The whole transactions are not transparent and the process is to defraud the investors.This unhealthy practice has resulted in the suspicion about the company,that has lost its credibility and integrity,long ago.No one should invest one`s money in the plans of HDFC;If one does,it is sure one will lose most of the portions of the investments.IRDA is silently abetting the wrongdoings of the Insurance company,it seems! What are the solutions to check all these filthy practices?
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Never go for HDFC Std.Life;That is the best solution!

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