manik_072003 on Apr 4, 2011
STRIKE OF NRHM STAFF RAJASTHAN ( MEDICAL ) --- Now March 20011 end all NRHM staff on Strike in all Rajasthan specially in an Sriganganager , HANUMANGADH, on the issue of taking out all 787 accountant ,nurses working for 4 years , all work is done by NRHM new recruitments , NRHM crossed age working after 4 years now can’t get new jobs , cannot study to get any exam cleared as need to work more than 8 hours , hence they are cheated , where they will go when in 2012 NRHM aid will be closed, on the issue of taking out all 787 accountant , but when NRHM did strike chief minister taken them back , what is guarantee they will not take out NURSES IN 2012 , HENCE ALL HAVE TO GO FOR STRIKE AS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN 2012 should happen in 2011 . Who has given rights to chief to play with the carrier of NURSES.....? Shame on u ASHOK GEHLOT, ideally CHEIF MINISTER should have made them permanent now , but he is a weak man but now in this election we will show you the PEOPLE POWER, congress will be wiped out of Rajasthan . He now asked neither THREE MONTHS TIME to make them permanent, now strike is over, but all have to unite to make a big strike if all staff wants to make them permanent nor READY FOR BEING JOBLESS.
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yes they should go for strike, & must get united
Strike of (NRHM GNM/ANM/AYUSH/ASHA Sup. /Accountant /all staff) Rajasthan for making them “Permanent”- Since 11 April till continue
NRHM staff got appointment on merit basis with exceptional VERY GOOD percentage, so they were the best in education, As all work is done by NRHM new recruitments in result RAJASTHAN received the first Prize in HEALTH SERVICES, GNM/ ANM working for 4 years, they crossed age limit to get new jobs, as need to work more than 11 hours, they do not have any time to study to get any exam cleared like RPSC etc., earlier many of them refused the big hospital jobs like forties / Apollo etc, they thought they shall get permanent. What they will do when in 2012 NRHM aid will be closed? How long they have work in contract?
RAJASTHAN Government announced 3 months back all NRHM STAFF SHALL BE PERMANENT, but in March 2011 Budget when no announcement made by the government and so all staff got worried & got united & gone for mega strike on 11 April2011.
Dated 11 April which was brutally destroyed by the Rajasthan government by using HORSES & BEATING WITH STIKES, to many female & Male nurses & their children many of them badly injured (published in RAJASTHAN PATRIKA, News Paper Dated 12 April Page 1 & 2) they made a hold on electronic media so that this news cannot be spread.
(Here government brutally killed people human rights – Rights to speak, rights to protest against exploitation)
In protest of that BRUTAL BEHAVIOUR 11 GNM/ ANM gone for ‘HUNGER AGITATION’ at Jaipur Civil lines on 12th April to 16th April (check Danik Bhaskar News, Paper 15 April page no 09, Times of India NEWS paper ),
On 16th April 3 am in dark Rajasthan Government forcefully inhuman way broken down the “Hunger Agitation”, police forcefully tried to put biscuit in their mouth & forcefully put glucose drip in their veins, one sister ‘’sari’’ got opened when police brutal enforcement was going on this was pathetic (check Danik Bhaskar News Paper 16 April page no 10, also given on SAHARA TV NEWS) government stopped all media to broadcast this message. (Once again government brutally smashed people human rights -Rights to speak, rights to protest against brutality)
But now this STRIKE & HUNGER AGITATION has taken palace in all DISTRICT of Rajasthan.
We beg you to intervene in this matter …….Please help us.


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