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indulekha bringha oil/ gold oil

 k.divija91 on Nov 11, 2011
can anyone tell me how to use it clearly..?? how to be used in first 8 days and how to use later..?? can one use shampoo to wash hair..??
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N 1351 days ago by
Before sleeping apply to scalps with finger tips.Wash it off in the morning with non-medicated shampoo by applying 3-4 drops of herbal shampoo.
See the difference in 4 weeks
N 1349 days ago by
does this mean one shud do daily headbath..???
N 1315 days ago by
can anybody tell is indulekha gold and indulekha bringha same. can bringha be used in place of indulekha gold
N 1310 days ago by
is indulekha gold & indulekha bringha is same ?????

what's the difference b/w the two

smbdy tel me plzzz
N 1214 days ago by
i want to know also, is INDULEKHA BRINGA & INDULEKHA GOLD is the same? its my first day today using indulekha bringa, will wait till 8days if theres any improvement.
N 1123 days ago by
Dharry...As u said u r going to use it on ur 1st is your experience of using Indulekha Bringa after 8days...& till you reply me for my comments? Is it really make hair growth? Is it stop hair loss?
N 1086 days ago by
I was using the this product past one month I didn’t get any improvement instead I am losing lot of hair, as per instruction given by manufactures I am using the same. Could u please tell really this product has proven story or just cheating like an other product or any other reason please let me know?
N 1069 days ago by
i also use indulekha hair for the last three months.i didn't get any improvement instead iam losing lot of hair fall.
N 1061 days ago by
did i am use any shampoo
N 1061 days ago by
did use any shampoo like head and shoulders
N 914 days ago by
from tomorrow onwards i m gonna use indulekha bringha can i apply it morning instead of applying night plz tell me ! i am really need ur's help - parameshwaran
N 910 days ago by
P Jithin Gopalan Suresh  
frnds no hair oil can stop or regrow hair...its scientifically proven if u want advice on hair fall call 09633657800 he is a xpert! pls stop using fake products...pls
N 868 days ago by
Guys...My hair started growing within a week time...I feel this is the best and economic oil to be used...You cant grow hair without hair roots and no one can do that...The hair stops developing inspite of having roots and to boost those hairs Indulekha bringha is very effective...every day morning when i see my head with new hairs growing, It makes me feel very good...Guys apply the oil in the night for faster growth but morning is also ok...

Guys believe me before the roots are dead for ever...try Indulekha bringha atleast for 3 months...I know the pain of less hair in scalp but i am happy now...

"Now or Never"
N 867 days ago by
Today is my firts day... Let you know my result in 2 weeks... :-)
N 823 days ago by
are you help me i want indulekha bringa oil is best or not ?
N 804 days ago by
hi i am seetha 21years old. i use indulekha oil in last 2 weeks. in starting the hair fall was low but now hair fall is more . pls tell any suggestion ...
N 760 days ago by
Hai i am Sumathi 20years old. i use indulekha oil in last 10 weeks. In starting the hair fall was low but now hair fall is more . pls tell any suggestion ...
N 745 days ago by
rohini r  
am using from last 20 days... hair fall is high.. y? give suggestion soon...
N 742 days ago by
which shampoo can be used with Indulekha Bringha Hair oil?
N 733 days ago by
vinod kumar vinu  
how to use this oil

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