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I want to know about Ram Genex technology Pvt. Ltd. company

 ezhillprem on Dec 28, 2012
I want to know about Ram Genex technology Pvt. Ltd. company, whether have only BPO or have Outsourcing / development and CMM level also,Kindly send me Email or reply back, Thanks!
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Hi friend, even i have same doubt about, ramgenex technologies pvt ltd.. Please email me on we can discuss there
Ramgenex Technologies, Koramangala is purely fraud company. They hired 100 employees through backdoor on java, .net technologies. Mainly, they don't have software projects. Per head they charged 1, 00, 000 DD on the name of RGT. Rest of the + amount to agents, HR's account. Students (employees) regretted so much after joining, Its totally fraud company. ALL BACKDOOR JOBS final result will be cheat if you want personal experience join in backdoor jobs.
Ramgenex Technologies pvt ltd, is a 7 years old has the main branch in Austin town, bangalore & koramangla 8th block.i have worked in this company arround 4 years in developement, company policies also nice, but there is no any regular salary increment, neither evberything is fine.As well as software developement it is a outsourcing company.many candidates are coming to attened the interview, but according to there performance, they are getting selected, but some candidates entering into the company as backdoors by consultancy.
Ramgenex Technologies is purely fraud company, no doubt about it. Please don't join in this company. They even don't know how to teach to fresher's they hired some java, .net faculties even they don't know ABCD of .net, java technologies. all 100 students who went through backdoor in this company named ramgenex near koramangala purely fraud, Company owner RAM from Andhra Pradesh opened this fraud company to cheat innocent students for his own personal expenses. Please guy's never believe backdoor, backdoor does't exists now a days everything is fraud. On the name of backdoor per year millions of rupees are stealing from fresher's by this cheater's. Fresher's please never look at easy way you will be in trouble. No doubt about this. Join somewhere for free jobs but don't join in backdoor, they will cheat you no doubt about this, even in hyderabad, chennai, Bangalore. Anywhere, don't join. this is fraud. Enquired about this company, students of this company said we are in trouble, they left with in 3 months without any salaries per head they paid more than 1lakh. In crores they stolen from students. Good Luck..

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