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 abch on Nov 16, 2010
I have deposited Rs 40000 to VLCC for some services out of total amount of 70000 but because of some reasons I could not avail those services and next day I have called them for the same. At the time of depositing money nobody told me deposited money will not be refunded at all. Now they are telling it has been written on bill so we will not refund money but in spite of that you can user our services for the 40000 at any time in next 6 month or year. We can give you a not for the same. Now I want to know can I get money back or not. I feel like they have make me fooled as giving
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N 1563 days ago by
you are stupid man to think that we will give you one pound? it was a jocke with stupid person so 5ak up

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